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Rapper Lil Wayne Aging Badly – He Now Looks 60 Years Old!!

Rapper Lil Wayne has battled with drug addiction for many years. Now it appears that all that drug use has taken a heavy physical toll on the rapper. He was photo’d in Saudi Arabia while performing at a concert over the weekend, and he looked like a man in his 60s. Lil Wayne, born Dwayne […]

Lil Wayne Arrested In Saudi Arabia For Weed Posession!! (Mack Maine In Jail)


Rapper Lil Wayne and his managed Mack Maine were apprehended by authorities in Saudi Arabia, and accused of weed possession. Saudi Arabia takes marijuana use VERY seriously, and Mack Maine is rumored to be currently incarcerated in Saudi Arabia. Lil Wayne performed at a concert in Riyadh, along with fellow rappers Future, and Tyga. And […]

Rapper Lil Wayne Is ENGAGED To An Exotical BBW!! (Pics)


Rapper Lil Wayne is going viral this morning. According to new social media reports, the rapper is now engaged to a “BBW” model. But…this isn’t Lil Wayne’s first “engagement.” Lil Wayne was engaged to the beautiful Dhea Sodana, who was considered the Lollipop rapper’s fiancee for nearly a decade. But the two finally called it […]

Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy’s Lot Where 33 Were Murdered Hits the Market

Exclusive Alamy/Daily Herald/dailyherald.com Wanna buy the house that sits on the lot where John Wayne Gacy murdered 33 people??? Not exactly genius marketing, sure, but the pad’s hit the market and it’s getting a lot of buzz. The house, where police made the grizzly discovery of 29 rotting bodies back in 1978, was bulldozed a […]

Zak Bagans Wants to Buy Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy’s Brain

This is creepy, even for Zak Bagans … he got his hands on John Wayne Gacy‘s brain — a brain he wants to buy — and says he could sense the evil that consumed the serial killer. The “Ghost Adventures” star tells TMZ … he held Gacy’s brain in his hands during a recent trip […]

Lil Wayne Ordered to Fork Over $150,000 in Phony Concert Case

Exclusive TMZ.com Lil Wayne‘s gotta pay up for allegedly creating fraudulent companies to book fake concerts … ’cause he didn’t even bother to fight the lawsuit against him. According to new legal docs … the rapper’s been ordered to fork over $150,000 to Ramin Natan, who sued Weezy for breach of contract and fraud. It’s […]

Lil Wayne Bails on Blink-182 Show Over Alleged Weed Incident at Hotel

Exclusive TMZ.com Lil Wayne says he can’t perform with Blink-182 in St. Louis because he was kicked out of his hotel and cops came swarming — but we’ve learned there’s two sides to this story. Wayne tweeted out the crappy news Saturday morning, saying he wouldn’t be able to do the show later tonight at […]

This Lil Wayne and American Eagle Collab Is Unexpectedly Cool AF

Scroll To See More Images I can still remember sitting in English class in eighth grade (so, 2008) complaining about how my parents wouldn’t let me, a literal 14-year-old child, attend a Lil Wayne concert. It was understandable, as I wasn’t even in high school yet; but now, as someone well into their twenties, I […]

Teen Allegedly Bitten By Wayne Newton’s Monkey Needed Tetanus Shot

Exclusive Details TMZ Composite Wayne Newton‘s monkey ain’t your average Curious George … cause the teenage girl who says the animal bit her says the injury required medical attention. TMZ’s obtained a pic of the injury allegedly caused by Wayne’s Capuchin monkey, Boo. The girl’s mother is suing Newton claiming Boo bit her daughter’s right […]

Lil Wayne Cancels Rolling Loud Performance, Refuses Security Check

Lil Wayne Pulls Plug on Rolling Loud Performance … I Won’t Be Checked by Security 5/12/2019 7:28 AM PDT Lil Wayne bailed on Rolling Loud after festival security insisted on frisking him. Wayne set to headline the Audiomack Stage in Miami but pulled the plug after security was unrelenting, insisting that he go through a […]