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A Completely Justifiable Netflix Binge You Won’t Have to Feel Guilty About

Lifestyle A Completely Justifiable Netflix Binge You Won’t Have to Feel Guilty About The only regret you’d have to deal with is that tub of Ben & Jerry’s or slice of pizza you’re stuffing your face with while you’re at it. by Kames Narayanan | January 9, 2020 If I were Alice, Nextflix would be […]

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Netflix Trailer: Exorcisms, Orgasms, Vulva Exploration

Exorcisms, orgasms and vulva exploration. No, it’s not a game of dirty Mad Libs. It’s actually what Gwyneth Paltrow’s upcoming Netflix documentary is about. In the newly released trailer for “the goop lab with Gwyneth Paltrow,” the actress and wellness brand founder takes viewers behind the scenes of what she and her goop team do […]

‘YOU’ Netflix’ Season 2: Ambyr Childers Guesses Between Joe & Horror Movie Lines

You, Netflix, Candace

Anyone who’s seen YOU on Netflix knows it’s not for the faint of heart. The show has death, blood, gore and a serial-killer psychopath named Joe Goldberg. Given this, we asked YOU season 2 star Ambyr Childers if she could tell the difference between Joe and a horror movie line. Childers plays Candace Stone, Joe’s […]

How to Stream ‘Friends’ 2020: When Is ‘Friends’ Leaving Netflix? 


So we have some sad news: Friends is leaving Netflix tomorrow a.k.a. January 1, 2020. But there’s a bright side. There’s still a way to stream Friends in 2020. How, you ask? Well, all 10 seasons of the NBC sitcom will stream on WarnerMedia’s new streaming service: HBO Max. Now for the bad news. It […]

Obama’s List of Favorite Movies from 2019, More Indies & Less Netflix

Barack Obama just announced his favorite movies of the year, and it looks like he’s a mild fan of the studio he and his wife have partnered with to make cinematic magic. The former Prez released a list of his top movies of 2019, and they include a ton of indie flicks … most of […]

Kevin Hart’s Wife Eniko Parrish Details Cheating Scandal on Netflix Docuseries

Fans have already heard a lot from Kevin Hart when it comes to his cheating scandal, but his wife Eniko Parrish gets the spotlight and shares her side of the story on his latest Netflix special. Dropping today, “Kevin Hart: Don’t F— It Up” follows Hart through a number of his high-profile ups and downs, […]

‘YOU’ Netflix Season 2: Who Dies in ‘YOU’s’ Second Season? | ‘YOU’ Season 2 Deaths

Scroll To See More Images Spoilers for YOU season 2 ahead. Netflix’s YOU isn’t for the faint of heart, as seen by the many, many deaths in the series’ first season. So who dies in YOU season 2? Much like the thriller’s first season, its second was also a bloodshed for several fan-favorite characters. But […]

Best Holiday Movies to Stream on Netflix, Disney Plus and More

Let’s face it, you have a lot of time to kill and you’re looking to stream through the holidays. There’s just one problem — way too many things to watch. It’s an overpopulated mass of content out there in the kingdoms of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and of course Disney+. Here’s a curated list of […]

‘You’ Netflix Season 2: Who Plays Candace? Ambyr Childers Is a Breakout

Scroll To See More Images Ambyr Childers has kept a secret from her kids for the past decade. “I told them they have to believe in Santa if they want presents,” she says as a Spotify playlist of holiday music blasts in the background. “My mom told me the same thing.” Sitting on a stool […]

Best Netflix Holiday Movies 2019: New Christmas Films Ranked

Scroll To See More Images Let’s face it: What we look forward to the most during Christmas are the cheesy rom-coms, and Netflix has the best holiday movies by far. From a Meghan Markle-inspired story about an American who falls in love with a foreign prince to a nonsensical flick about two long lost twins […]