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Lori Loughlin Wants College Admissions Case Dismissed Because of Prosecutor Misconduct

Exclusive Lori Loughlin and other defendants in the college admissions case want a judge to throw out the cases and send prosecutors packing … because Lori and the others say the U.S. Attorney’s Office is guilty … guilty of gross and shocking misconduct. Lori, and others who have not copped a plea, laid out why […]

Future, 36, Is Enjoying His Quarantine with Lori Harvey, 23! (What Kids?)


Rapper Future has 10 children and 8 babys’ mothers who are all likely in quarantine due to the coronavirus outbreak. Future is also in quarantine, but he’s not holed up with any of his baby’s mothers or kids. Instead, he’s chosen to be quarantined with his 23 year old girlfriend Lori Harvey. And apparently the […]

Future & Lori Harvey Got Married – According To Twitter!!

Twitter is heating up with rumors that Future may have secretly married Lori Harvey.  MTO News learned that the rumor began when Eliza Reign (Future’s 8th babys mother) suggested in her IG Live that Future and Lori got married in Jamaica. It’s not clear how or why Eliza would know about Future’s private life – […]

Judge Orders USC to Come Clean on Admissions Process in Lori Loughlin Case

Exclusive Getty Composite A judge in the college admissions scandal says USC’s been covering up the fact it gives preference to students tied to influential people, and a new court order seems to be good news for Lori Loughlin and her co-defendants. The judge is ordering USC to turn over unredacted documents in the college […]

Lori Harvey Suggests She Started As Future’s Side Chick & Worked Her Way Up!!


Lori Harvey and Future have been dating exclusively now for the past 9 months. But Lori revealed that she and Future were in each other’s lives – for the past two years. According to Lori, Future bought her a dog – two years ago. She even posted receipts, look: That’s an interesting timeline. Because two […]

Lori Loughlin Asks Rick Singer, Were You Lying Then or Now?

Exclusive TMZ/Getty Composite Lori Loughlin and her lawyers are continuing their attack on prosecutors by lambasting them and their star witness for blabbing to the media after the judge ordered them to put a cork in it. Lori’s lawyers filed new legal docs Friday, including a letter to the judge, which notes Hizzoner laid down […]

Future ‘Disses’ Steve Harvey In New Song & His Daughter Lori Harvey Co-signs!!

Rapper Future is going viral today, and so is his girlfriend Lori Harvey. Lori is the daughter of legendary funnyman Steve Harvey. Future dropped a new song over the weekend, where he mentioned 61 year old Steve Harvey, in a manner than many are calling “disrespectful.” In the track, Future claims that Lori Harvey calls […]

Steve Harvey’s Daughter Lori Accused Of ‘Faking’ Her ‘Robbery’ For Clout!

Last week, Lori Harvey was the victim of an alleged car jacking. And it was all caught on tape by surveillance cameras. Well now a website is suggesting that Lori may have “faked” the whole thing, reminiscent of Jussie Smollet’s case in Chicago. The website Blind Gossip, published the following: Whenever a celebrity is a […]

Feds Release Olivia Jade’s Rowing Resume in Lori Loughlin Case

Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli‘s youngest daughter has quite the list of accomplishments in rowing — at least her resume made it seem that way to USC. Federal prosecutors released some of the documents Olivia Jade submitted to USC to make it seem like she wanted a coveted spot on its crew team … and […]

Lori Harvey Robbed But Thwarts Rolls Royce Auto Theft

Exclusive Getty Lori Harvey is lucky she escaped a sneak attack in a parking structure — and if not for her quick-thinking skills her car might have been jacked … TMZ has learned. Steve Harvey‘s daughter had just parked her 2020 Rolls-Royce Cullinan at an apartment complex in Atlanta Wednesday night … and made her […]