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Rapper Pop Smoke Fights w/ Photographer After Embarrassing Pics Leak!!


Popular NY rapper Pop Smoke is upset with a photographer, over pics taken at a recent event. Popsmoke confronted photographer Paris Marley, in his DMs, and demanded that Paris take down unflattering photos of him hugging fans.  Pop Smoke didn’t like the pictures, because he thought they made him look “crazy.” But the photographer didn’t […]

Bikini Pics Of 300 Lb Lizzo Leak – Twitter Is Body Shaming Her!!


Pop star Lizzo is currently in Brazil, enjoying some sun and fun with family and friends. Yesterday the paparazzi pulled up on the “Truth Hurts” singer, when she was on the beach, and snuck a few pictures of the starlet. The singer, 31, soaked up the sunshine with her gal pals in photos taken of […]

Twitter Says Nicole Murphy ‘Aging Badly’ After New Pics Leak!!


Actress and reality star Nicole Murphy is going viral this morning after new pics show a very weathered Nicole heading out for lunch. Usually Nicole looks young in all her pictures, in both her face and body despite her chronological age, but something’s changed. First off she recently dyed her hair blonde and is starting […]

Makeup Free Pics Of NFLer Patrick Mahomes GF Leak – Twitter Calls Her ‘UGLY’!!

Superbowl MVP Quarterback Patrick Mahomes has been dating Brittany Matthews for nearly 8 years, and the two plan on marrying soon. But folks on Twitter are hoping to intervene, and split up the high school sweethearts. It’s all because of a few videos, showing Brittany without makeup, went viral. And folks on Twitter are saying […]

Cardi B Leaks Pics Of Her NATURAL Hair – It’s Really LONG!!


Rap star Cardi B wants the world to know that naturally she has very long hair. Last night, the female rapper leaked a pic – showing just how long her hair is. Cardi is covering her face in the image, because she is reportedly recovering from a recent plastic surgery operation. Here’s a pic of […]

Twitter Calls Serena Williams A Trans-Person After These Pics LEAK!!

Earlier this week, tennis superstar Serena Williams announced that she would be donating all the prize money she earns from the Australian Open to help stop the wildfires. And you would think that she’d be going viral on Twitter because of this incredibly generous and charitable move. NOOOOO . .. instead the haters on Twitter […]

Un-Photoshopped Pics Of Jordyn Woods Leak – Twitter Calls Her ‘Wide’!!


Jordyn Woods is one of the most beautiful and popular young models on Instagram. But what does she look like in real life? Typically, we see pics of Jordyn that are heavily photoshopped – to make her look slimmer than she is in real life. Yesterday her friend Lori Harvey accidentally leaked a few unfiltered […]

50 Cent & Starz Plan To Sue French Montana Over POWER Leak!!

50 Cent his about to get even against his hip hop nemesis, rapper French Montana. According to multiple people in the know, the Starz network and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson are preparing to launch a lawsuit against French, for copyright infringement. French leaked an entire scene from the latest episode of Power. In an attempt […]

Alleged Nudes Of Da Baby Leak – Twitter Says He’s ‘Massive’!!

Rapper Da Baby is the latest celebrity to get caught in the Christmas 2019 nude pic leak extravaganza. Earlier this week, an alleged video of rapper A$AP Rocky and some explicit pics allegedly showing Steph Curry leaked online. Now it’s Da Baby’s turn. The images popped up in Twitter searches, when you use the search […]

Nude Pics Of NBA Star Steph Curry Allegedly Leak!! (Graphic)


NBA star Steph Curry is the #1 trending topic in America today, after images were posted on Twitter that purport to show the NBA star nude. A quick Twitter search of the terms “Steph Curry packing heat” turns up the following images: Here are the alleged images Steph Curry is one of the most recognizable […]