Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Makeup Collection

Spring is finally here! As the weather begins warming up and you start packing away your winter clothes, spring cleaning our homes is usually at the top of our list. Often times during our spring cleaning, we overlook our beauty products. You should add spring cleaning your makeup collection and beauty products to your to-do list. Don’t forget to spring clean your makeup bag or the items that you keep in your purse for touch-ups as well.

Use our checklist below to make the most out of spring cleaning your makeup collection.


Are you guilty of tossing an almost empty bottle back into your makeup drawer or leaving it on the side of the bathtub? *Raises hand* Empty bottles take up valuable real estate underneath the bathroom counter, in your makeup drawer, or on the side of the bathtub.

What are the chances that your will actually use the small amount of product left in the bottle? If you insist on reducing product waste, here are a few ideas that Buzzfeed compiled to help reduce product waste. You can fix that crumbled eyeshadow or powder, repair your broken lipstick, or even show you how use up any remaining product remaining inside your empty bottles.

Don’t forget to look for almost empty bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hair spray, and lotion. Most of the plastic containers can be cut open so that you can remove any remaining product that doesn’t come out when you turn it upside down. We recommend that you put any unused product in a smaller container so that it is easy to use.

some of my recent empties

Expiration Dates

As you are spring cleaning your makeup drawer or bag, always check the expiration dates listed on your product. Keep in mind that expiration dates only indicate the products shelf life. Once a product is opened it is exposed to outside elements like bacteria, air, dirt and other debris. Experts recommend that you toss any items that have been opened according to the schedule below.

  • Mascara should be replaced every three months or if you recently had an eye infection, start noticing that it is clumpy, or it smells funny.
  • Foundation needs replacing every six months to a year. Toss it if you notice that it is separating or smells different than usual. Always avoid using your fingers to scoop the product out of the bottle. Using your hands can contaminate your product. Instead, use the drip method. You want to hold the bottle over your hand and allow it to drip onto the palm of your hand or onto a sponge.
  • Lipstick, while it may be tempting to keep your favorite shade of lipstick longer or the one that you hardly use, you still should replace it after a year. It is best to skip using lipstick that goes on dry or it is runny.
  • Liquid Eyeliner or Gel Eyeliner should be tossed every three to four months. Also, due to the nature of this product, you should never share it with anyone else. Do toss it if you recently had an eye infection.
  • Eyebrow Pencils should be replaced every two years. Experts suggest that you use a sharpener before each use. The sharpener will help remove the product that touched your skin last time it was used.
  • Blush should be replaced every two years. You can even restore cracked blush by adding a few drops of alcohol to the product and pressing it back together. Just make sure your hands are clean before touching it.
  • Eye Shadow can officially last up to two years. But experts recommend replacing it every three to six months because you are using it around your eyes. If you had an infection you should replace it immediately. Protect your eyesight from potential infections and replace your eye shadow frequently.
washing makeup brushes

stock photo by Yuriy Maksymiv

Clean or Replace Your Makeup Brushes

How long has it been since you have thoroughly cleaned or replaced your makeup brushes and sponges? Caring for your makeup brushes is just as important as tossing expired makeup into the trash. Dirty makeup brushes can harbor bacteria that can cause acne or skin blemishes. So don’t wait to clean them.

Experts recommend that you clean your makeup brushes on a daily basis. Chances are this doesn’t happen especially when you are in a hurry to get out the door on time. We recommend that you clean your makeup brushes on a weekly basis if you are prone to acne every two weeks.

Buy New Spring Makeup

Tossing all your expired makeup probably left your makeup drawer or bag looking a bit bare. Go out and splurge on a few new spring trends. Also, you can replace any products that you tossed out. Your skin will thank you. Or, if you’re lucky and your collection is extra large (whose isn’t these days), then you can shop your stash. I love discovering items in my collection that need attention.

monogrammed makeup bag

Disinfect Your Makeup Bag

If you store your makeup in a makeup bag, take the time to disinfect it properly. Turn your makeup bag inside out and shake any loose debris out over the sink or trash can. Depending on the material, you may be able to toss it into the washing machine inside of a mesh bag.

A delicate makeup bag should be washed by hand. Leave the bag turned inside out and fill the sink with hot water. Then add a few drops of Dawn dish soap and let it soak. You can even toss your hair brush and combs into soak too. Allow it to soak for 20 to 30 minutes and thoroughly rinse it off. Let it air dry completely before putting your makeup back in it.

Don’t overlook spring cleaning your makeup collection while you are on a role with spring cleaning your home. As if ladies need an excuse to go shopping, but tossing old and expired makeup is a valid excuse. Restock any products that you tossed out and check out the new spring makeup trends too.

Do you include spring cleaning your makeup collection when you spring clean your home?

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