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On New Music, Favorite Beauty Products & More โ€“ Hollywood Life

Queen bee Justine Skye caught up with HollywoodLife for an EXCLUSIVE chat about all the incredible projects sheโ€™s been working on, & letโ€™s just say fans should get excited about her new music. Plus, the fierce star told us how sheโ€™s learned to avoid negativity on social media. Tumblr queen turned professional musician Justine Skye […]

Memorial Day Weekend Beauty Sales 2019

Scroll To See More Images Weโ€™re officially half way through 2019 and summer is almost here (finally). Each year, Memorial Day Weekend marks the unofficial launch of summer (technically, the first day isnโ€™t until June 21), ushering in the new season of warm weather, longer days, a little less clothing, and plenty of opportunities to […]

How to Get Rid of Milia Bumps Without Visiting a Dermatologist

Scroll To See More Images Milia is is a somewhat under-the-radar skin condition that manifests itself in the form of small, hard bumps, usually under the eyes or the cheeks. I developed one under my left eye last year and had to do some major research on how to get rid of it. Given that […]

Best Rotating Curling Irons & Styling Tools Amazon

Scroll To See More Images Weโ€™re always looking for time-saving shortcuts to streamline and simplify our beauty routines, so when we discovered that automatic rotating curling irons existed, we were absolutely thrilled and compelled to share our discovery. If you use a curling iron, straightener, or any other heat styling tool to do your hair, […]

Summer Body Lotion Thatโ€™s Lightweight and Still Hydrates

Scroll To See More Images Now that winterโ€™s frigid temperatures and arid climates are officially behind us, the ultra-rich body moisturizer you relied on to avoid parched, flaking skin may leave you feeling sticky now that temperatures and humidity levels are swiftly on the rise. Youโ€™ve probably already swapped out your cold weather moisturizer for […]

Best Supplements For PMS & Periods Amazon

Scroll To See More Images For most women, a monthly period โ€” along with the dreaded week or two that precedes it โ€” is just an unfortunate fact of life that weโ€™ve learned to live with. Sure, there are some blessed souls who somehow remain consistently unscathed by their flow, but most women suffer from […]

Summer Nail Colors Made for Your Boldest Beauty Moments

Scroll To See More Images Weโ€™re in the midst of that inevitable transition from spring to summer. The weather is annoying unpredictable, with literal days of torrential downpour followed by a random 70-degree day and winter-level cold the next. In other words, Mother Nature has no chill and all we can do is endure until […]

Best Long Lasting Brow Gels | StyleCaster

Scroll To See More Images I have a makeup theory that posits that make-wearers fall under of two distinct categories: those who wonโ€™t leave home without a well-groomed brow and those who wonโ€™t leave the house without mascara on. While I do love a voluminous, almost architectural lash, filling in and shaping my brows with […]

Short Bob Cuts That Prove Classics Never Go Out of Style

Scroll To See More Images The bob is to hairstyling what the little black dress is to fashion. Itโ€™s a timeless classic that looks good on literally everyone and in most cases doesnโ€™t take more than a few minutes to style before running out the door. Like most beauty-related trends, it has evolved to include […]

Matte Bronzer for a Glow Without the Shimmery Finish

Scroll To See More Images Though the world continues to harbor its fair share of, for lack of a better word, absolute craziness, I find solace in the fact that I at least have summer to look forward to. Seasonal depression is too real and when all else seems to be falling apart, something as […]