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The Best All-Natural Jewelry Cleaning Solution on Amazon

Calyptus Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate

When you’ve finally decided to make the effort to clean your grime-y jewelry and start preparing your solution, you might be alarmed when you read the instructions. The back of the bottles will advise you to drop your jewelry in quickly and pull it out in under a minute, while you’re doing this, you’ll get […]

The Best Oversized Premium Jewelry Cleaning Cloths

Peaknip Cleaning and Polishing Cloth

If you’ve noticed that your signature necklace is looking a little dull or the band of your favorite ring is starting to tarnish, it might be time to give your jewelry a little TLC. Having show-stopping bling is great and all, but when you don’t take care of it, it can start to lose its […]

The Best Silver and Jewelry Cleaning Solutions Available on Amazon

Brilliant Silver Jewelry Cleaner with Cleaning Basket

You’ve probably thought about cleaning your silver jewelry a bunch of times. It always occurs to you when you’re searching through your jewelry box to find that silver bracelet or ring that’ll go just perfectly with what you’re planning on wearing to your friend’s birthday party. But alas, you find it and remember all over […]

The Best Jewelry Cleaning Cloths to Buy on Amazon

Pengxiaomei jewelry cloths

Whether you’re an avid fine jewelry collector or simply have a taste for affordable fashion pieces (which are super prone to tarnishing), cleaning and polishing your jewelry on a regular basis is the key to ensuring that your favorite rings, bracelets, necklace, and pins last a lifetime. We often overlook the fact that dust, grime, […]

Fashion Nova Employee Tests Positive for COVID-19, Deep Cleaning Underway

Exclusive A Fashion Nova employee has contracted the coronavirus, setting off a massive cleaning process and resulting in several employees being sent home. According to a spokesperson for FN Logistics … the employee who recently tested positive for COVID-19 worked at the warehouse in Sante Fe, CA. Their most recent day on the job was […]

Celebrity Messy Room Selfies — Time For Spring Cleaning!

Messy Room Selfies -- Stars In Need Of Spring Cleaning!

Just because these folks are famous doesn’t mean they’re organized … and you’re about to get an inside look into some of these celeb messes! With everyone hanging around their homes — and doing some serious social distancing — it seems like the right time for everyone to get into the spring cleaning spirit. We’re […]

Gyms Not Closing for Coronavirus, Step Up Cleaning

Exclusive TMZ/Getty Composite Gym rats have a safe haven amid the growing coronavirus pandemic — a lot of their go-to facilities don’t seem anywhere near to shutting their doors. They will, however, do a few more wipe-downs to put people at ease. TMZ spoke with a number of big-name gyms in Los Angeles — including […]

Soulja Boy Cleaning Up on Coronavirus with Soap Company Investment

Exclusive Getty/The Soap Shop Composite As coronavirus fears skyrocket and the stock market plummets … Soulja Boy‘s making a whole lot of money off a pretty clean gamble. Sources close to the rapper-turned-entrepreneur tell TMZ … he’s invested in a company called The Soap Shop — which, of course, sells soap products and the like. […]

The Best Cleaning Wipes For Multiple Surface

Scroll To See More Images Cleaning and sanitizing your household, car, doorknobs, beauty tools, desks (…and the list goes on and on) is essential for keeping the spaces you live and work in organized, germ-free and tidy. Unfortunately, cleaning is often a timely task, and unless you’re one of the very few people who are […]

Beauty Blender Washing Machines For Cleaning Makeup Tools

Scroll To See More Images I hate to admit it, but those uncannily on-point Instagram ads get me almost every time. While scrolling through my feed the other day, the most charming ad featuring an adorable mini washing machine in my favorite pale pink hue popped up. Naturally, I was instantly intrigued and followed the […]