Queen V Walmart Products Might be the Feminine Care You’re Looking For

Growing up my mom always told me the vagina is a “self-cleaning oven,” and even though it’s made me chuckle over the years, gynecologists do agree with my mom. That’s why I have mixed feelings about Queen V’s Walmart products. The brand hit 4,000+ Walmart stores in April 2018 with 11 products, including bubble bath, lubricant, and vaginal moisturizer. It’s a certified success, hitting $500k in sales in just a month, according to Beauty Independent. Now Queen V is releasing seven new products and entering a few new healthcare—or “femcare,” as the brand calls it—categories it expects will be just as successful.

I first heard of Queen V while searching for vagina-friendly bath products. Most of the ones on the market, even the most popular ones, contain fragrances and dyes that can mess with your pH, causing yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, and UTIs. Queen V’s Pop the Bubbly Bubble Bath is a favorite because it’s pH balanced, dye- and paraben-free and less likely to mess with your insides. Plus, it’s an affordable $9. Sounds great to me.

But not all of Queen V’s products make complete sense to me, including some of the new ones. Let’s start with the positives, though. The Queen It Up body wash claims to be gentle, moisturizing and pH-balanced. Although you don’t need to use soap on your vulva or vagina, it sounds like a great option for those who do want to use a shower wash. There’s also You’re the **it flushable after-bathroom wipes for sensitive skin. Wipes can really be lifesavers, especially during your period. Finally, there’s the Rub Me the Right Way anti-chafe stick. I haven’t tried it but if it works as well or better as the popular options already on the market, it’s a great choice at just $8.

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Now on to the products evoking some skepticism. Livin’ Libido Loca is a new dietary supplement that contains niacin and beet juice powder and claims to “help enhance a woman’s libido by increasing blood flow and helping with vaginal dryness.” While it’s possible the supplements do what they claim, you should check with a doctor before going down this route. There are sometimes medical reasons for a low sex drive and vaginal dryness, such as a hormone imbalance or mental illness like depression. Queen V also has a great lubricant, so it’s probably worth giving that a test run first to see if it helps with dryness.

Itch Don’t Kill My Vibe is another one giving me pause, not because I know it doesn’t work, but because I’m afraid people will ignore medical issues that should be checked out. This spray claims to “reduce the feeling of pesky itching with a special blend of essential oils designed to help soothe skin and ease irritation (especially vaginal)” with tea tree and coconut essential oils. While a little itching here and there is generally no cause for concern if you’re seeking out an anti-itch product, head to the gyno STAT. You could have an STI or other infection that needs to be treated with medication.

There are other new products, including the Royal Pain “pain-reducing spray” with essential oils, and On Your Mark moisturizing stick that claims to “help to prevent the formation of stretch marks.” These seem harmless and you’ll have to test them yourself to see if they live up to their promise.

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The best thing about Queen V’s new launches is just that they’re available at all. For so long there have been the same old feminine care products without any new innovation. It’s exciting that people with vaginas now have more options to find out what works best for them and for their body. That being said, it’s important to remember you don’t actually need to buy anything for vaginal health. My concern is that sprays and lotions and washes all help perpetuate the archaic idea that vaginas have a smell or a texture that needs to be fixed. Vaginas and vulvas don’t smell like flowers and they aren’t supposed to. And as always, if there’s something you’re concerned about, such as a funny smell or itch, it’s best to just head to your doctor before trying to solve it at home.

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