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On New Music, Favorite Beauty Products & More โ€“ Hollywood Life

Queen bee Justine Skye caught up with HollywoodLife for an EXCLUSIVE chat about all the incredible projects sheโ€™s been working on, & letโ€™s just say fans should get excited about her new music. Plus, the fierce star told us how sheโ€™s learned to avoid negativity on social media. Tumblr queen turned professional musician Justine Skye […]

Retinol Alternative Products That Still Deliver Results

Scroll To See More Images I donโ€™t need to extol the benefits of retinol (though Iโ€™m always happy to). Most of us already know the Vitamin A derivative is the ingredient most often name-dropped and recommended for getting the kind of skin that will make you feel better about going makeup-free. The only caveat for […]

Beauty Wars: We Tested 5 of The Newest Vitamin C Products

Beauty Beauty Wars: We Tested 5 of The Newest Vitamin C Products This week on Beauty Wars, we put our favourite Vitamin C holy grails up against one another on the beauty arena. Are they as refreshingly good for our skin as orange juice is on a hot day? Let’s find out. by Team Yoyokulala […]

Blue Light Beauty Products You Need While Staring at Screens All Day

Scroll To See More Images You already know how important it is to protect your skin from the sunโ€™s age-accelerating (and cancer-causing) UV rays with an SPF. Sunspots, fine lines, and enlarged pores are just a few of the myriad of skin woes courtesy of the sun, but now skin is facing a new enemy: […]

Met Gala 2019 Beauty Products | StyleCaster

Scroll To See More Images This yearโ€™s โ€œCamp: Notes on Fashionโ€ theme at the annual Met Gala not only ushered in some daring, referential, and downright jaw-dropping sartorial looks (and elaborate performances to match), but it also presented us with some soon-to-be viral celebrity beauty looks for 2019.ย  Despite the Met Galaโ€™s reputation as โ€œthe […]

The Best Under-$20 Products in Sephora

Scroll To See More Images May unofficially marks the beginning of summer vacation season, and regardless of your destination, stocking up on travel-size products is a smart way to stay ahead of the packing game. Weโ€™ve felt the pain that comes with having to throw away full-size products at TSA and trust us: Nothing about […]

New Natural Hair Products 2019 Are Here to Save Your Curls

Scroll To See More Images Though I routinely rotate new skin and makeup products in and out of my routine, the same canโ€™t be said for my hair. Once I find something I love, I actually stick with it. And before you know it, my shower is littered with empty bottles and itโ€™s time to […]

New Walmart Products May 2019 Include Everything You Need for Summer

You might just head to Walmart for food or paper towels but youโ€™d be remiss to skip its beauty aisleโ€”even digital ones. The chain carries items from some really great brands that wonโ€™t empty your wallet if you want to try a few. In fact, the new Walmart beauty products for May 2019 are too […]

New Target Beauty Products May 2019 Are Better Than Ever

Scroll To See More Images Going to Target is both amazing and amazingly dangerous. You head into the store fully expecting just to grab some toilet paper, snacks and maybe one of Chrissy Teigenโ€™s kitchen items. Somehow you leave with bags full of blankets, and books and whatever else sucked you in. (For me, itโ€™s […]

Best Allergy Season Beauty Products | StyleCaster

Scroll To See More Images I personally love trees, plants and flowers, but unfortunately they donโ€™t always love me back โ€“ especially in the springtime when it seems that all of nature is fully in bloom. Those who suffer with seasonal allergies โ€“ also referred to as hay fever and allergic rhinitis โ€“ know that […]