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Best Vitamin C Drugstore Products That Won’t Burn a Hole in Your Wallet

Scroll To See More Images When it comes to skincare, everyone knows that Vitamin C is the ultimate ingredient you can trust to work out all of your skin’s problems with a singular product. What everyone doesn’t know is that Vitamin C isn’t only hidden behind designer labels and over-priced bottles. In a thoughtful effort to […]

Sephora Clean Makeup Kit Features Five Natural Products

sephora clean makeup

Let’s be honest here: words like “natural” and “clean” are marketing speak and don’t really mean anything. (Don’t @ me.) Not all natural things are good and not all chemicals are bad. That being said, beauty brands without certain potentially harmful ingredients are really great to try, especially for those with sensitive skin. Sephora’s Clean […]

New Walmart Beauty July 2019 Products Are All Under $30

Scroll To See More Images Though we’re almost halfway through another month (slow down summer!), Walmart has somehow managed to keep my credit card busy in the beauty aisle. This month, there aren’t too many new products to wax poetic about, but what has debuted are a few staples you almost always need. And of […]

Best Hyperhidrosis Treatment: OTC Products For Excessive Sweating

Scroll To See More Images Obviously, it’s totally normal to sweat with heat, exercise, and nervousness– even healthy — but if you suffer from excessive sweating on a regular basis for no rhyme or reason, whether it be on your underarms, palms, feet or upper lips, it can be a huge source embarrassment. I can […]

Powder Sunscreen Is on the Rise and These Newbie Products are Proof

Scroll To See More Images By now you are probably tired of me reminding you to wear sunscreen on your body. Perhaps you’re sick of me telling you to slather on the SPF, period. Admittedly, I began to feel as though I were a broken record, spewing off the same advice every other day. That […]

Best Cranberry Skin Care Products For Acne & Anti-Aging

Scroll To See More Images Antioxidants are one active ingredient with a solid track record of proven effectiveness, backed by ample clinical research and widely endorsed by derms. Generally speaking, Vitamin C-rich citrus formulas tend to get the most attention when it comes to antioxidant products, but cranberry skin care is shaping out to be […]

New Target Beauty July 2019 Products Are Summery Skincare Essentials

Scroll To See More Images Target is the gift that keeps on giving and in 2019, its beauty section the main attraction. So much so, that every time I walk into a store to get one thing that will inevitably turn into ten, I’m completely distracted by a new product in the hair or makeup […]

Best Natural Hair Moisturizer Products According to Yara Shahidi’s Stylist

Scroll To See More Images In 2019, women are embracing their natural texture more than ever. It’s no wonder the amount of moisturizing products on store shelves is never-ending and consequently, a challenge to navigate. Just try walking down the aisle at your favorite drugstore and you’re inundated with leave-in conditioners, masks, shampoos, and jellies […]

Best MAC Coverage Products for a Flawless Complexion

Scroll To See More Images Whether you’re a newbie to foundation or a makeup guru in your own right, we can all agree that MAC reigns supreme in most things makeup, including complexion products with impeccable coverage. After all, MAC was co-created by Makeup artist and photographer Frank Toskan and salon owner Frank Angelo after […]


my most shopped products atlantic-pacific

Earlier this week I recapped all of my most popular posts from the first half of the year, and now I am revealing my most shopped products! Without further ado, here are all of the most popular products from my posts so far in 2019! Never met a neon frock I didn’t love! This one […]