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Celebrity Woman Crushes You’re Secretly Thankful For!!

Fellas like to pretend that they’re only into model types, but everybody – everybody, has a secret list of people they’d get up close and personal with in private… but maybe not in public. This is the list of potential Suga Mamas and celebrity crushes we think deserve a mention for keeping y’all hot under […]

Young Thug’s Fiancee Jerrika Karlae Slams Future’s Baby Mama – Brittni: ‘You’re A Fraud!!’

Young Thug’s Fiancee Jerrika Karlae hopped on to her Instagram live to slam Future’s baby mam, Brittni – accusing her of being a “fraud” and a lousy business partner. In the online rant, Jerrika calls out Brittni, saying that she hardly puts in any work into the business they have invested in together, even going […]

2020 Boot Trends You’re Sure to See Next Year, Based on the Runways

Scroll To See More Images Bring! On! The! Boots! If there’s one thing appropriate for pretty much any season (even summer, if you’re brave enough), it’s boots and booties. For those of us who believe you can never own too many of the chic shoe, the 2020 boot trends are a welcome addition to our […]

2020 Men’s Fashion Trends: Top Trends You’re About to See Everywhere

Scroll To See More Images We couldn’t possibly talk about big fashion trends without talking about men’s fashion trends. (What kind of monsters do you think we are??) As we wrap up the last bit of 2019/this decade (cue: tears of existential dread), we’re naturally already looking to the future. And especially for us fashion […]

Cara Santana’s Guide to Staying Sane When You’re a Mogul in the Making

cara santana blogher 1 Cara Santanas Guide to Staying Sane When Youre a Mogul in the Making

The multi-hyphenate isn’t exclusive to Hollywood. In my tribe alone, almost everyone is working on a handful of projects at the same time and few are exclusive to one industry or skillset. We’re told we can do it all and more often than not, we’re attempting to live out that declaration by any means necessary. […]

Andy Ruiz Claps Back at Tyson Fury, You’re Fat Shaming Me to Stay Relevant!!!

Play video content Exclusive TMZSports.com Andy Ruiz says he’s not bothered ONE BIT by Tyson Fury calling him a “fat guy” … telling TMZ Sports the Gypsy King is just bashing him to stay relevant!!! Remember … Fury made fun of AJ to our camera guy out in NYC last month … clowning him for […]

Lizzo & Spotify’s DNA Test To Determine If You’re ‘That Bitch’ Is Epic

lizzo dna test Lizzo & Spotify Created A Test To Determine If Youre That Bitch

Honestly, what did we do to deserve her? Lizzo and Spotify’s DNA test is the only thing you should bother caring about this year. Fresh from her stellar performance of “Truth Hurts” and “Good As Hell” at the MTV VMAs–Lizzo is out here giving us our lives. Using her iconic lyrics from “Truth Hurts” which […]

The 5 Style Trends You’re Sure to See Everywhere This Fall

Scroll To See More Images Summer is in full (very hot!) swing, and fall is quickly approaching. (Seriously, where has the time gone?) If you’re someone who likes to stay on top of what’s popular, you’ll want to start preparing your wardrobe for all the fall 2019 fashion trends coming for the cooler (I hope…) months. […]

Stay Fit On Vacation — Workout Tips When You’re Away From Home – Hollywood Life

Going on a summer vacation does not need to disrupt your fitness goals. You can workout while on the move with these expert tips! Cat Kom, founder of Studio SWEAT onDemand, tells HollywoodLife.com that whether you have to travel for work, or you’re lucky enough to be headed out on vacation, you can still stay […]

Megan Rapinoe to Trump, ‘You’re Excluding People Like Me’

Breaking News Megan Rapinoe finally responded to President Trump on Monday — telling POTUS she feels Trump is dragging America back to a time of bigotry and hate.  The Team USA soccer superstar appeared on CNN with Anderson Cooper and delivered a message directed at Trump: “Your message is excluding people. You’re excluding me. You’re […]