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Best Skin Tag Remover Reddit Users Swear By for At-Home Removal

Dr. Scholl

For those who have skin tags, the mere presence of them can cause discomfort or a major dip in the self-confidence department. We know they aren’t a health risk for most, but the choice to remove them is a personal one and in some cases, leaving the handy work to an expert isn’t always possible. […]

Co-Star Astrology App Seems to Urge Horoscope Users to Break Quarantine

Exclusive Details A popular astrology app that sends daily advice to users appears to be disregarding safety and telling folks to break quarantine — but it’s probably just an algorithm problem. The company is Co-Star, which will send people horoscopes every day if you sign up … based on stars and the cosmos and stuff. […]

Best Free Workouts Amazon Prime Users Should Queue Up ASAP

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My favorite way to justify skipping a workout is by telling myself that clicking buttons on the TV remote almost qualifies as an arm toning exercise. (Scrolling on Instagram counts too, right?) Jokes aside, when the majority of your time is spent at home, a gym pass isn’t exactly essential, especially if you have access […]

Best Wigs Reddit Users Can’t Stop Raving About

FreeTress Equal Synthetic Lace Front Wig in style Sammi

Raise your hand if you’ve ever gone down a rabbit hole, jumping from forum to forum on Reddit. *Raises hand.* If you’re not familiar, Reddit is basically the unfiltered product review metropolis for every topic imaginable. A couple of clicks could get land you in debates about everything from politics to celebrity gossip to the […]

Hulu Claps Back at Twitter Users Complaining About Parasite’s Subtitles

It may be a four-time Oscar winner, including Best Picture, but some people still can’t get over the fact that “Parasite” demands they read … that is, if they don’t speak Korean. The South Korean film was an instant sensation when it came out last year, becoming the first South Korean film to win the […]

Pinterest Users Wondering How to Clean Bathroom Sinks in Quarantine

Exclusive Pinterest users stuck at home in coronavirus quarantine have one burning question on their minds … how in the hell are we supposed to clean our bathroom sinks?!? Seriously … the good folks over at Pinterest tell us website users are searching for all sorts of things, but there’s been a huge spike in […]

Bumble Users Relying Video Chats During Coronavirus Quarantine

Breaking News There’s a lot of Chatty Cathys self-isolating during the coronavirus outbreak … and they’re looking to hookup … without the risk of spreading the virus. Reps for Bumble tell TMZ their dating app is seeing a huge increase in folks getting flirty, but video chats and good ol’ fashioned voice calls are becoming […]

Best MAC Products Reddit Users Love in 2020

Scroll To See More Images From Viva Glam to Plushglass, everyone seems to have found their all-time favorite MAC product at some point, especially since this beloved makeup brand has been churning out beauty best-sellers (Ruby Woo included!) since 1984. But when it comes to tracking down top-notch products that are routinely recommended to skeptical […]

Instagram Testing Hiding ‘Likes’ For United States Users

Getty Instagram is getting rid of its “like” feature … but don’t worry, this is just a trial run and it’s only going to affect some users in the United States. IG CEO Adam Mosseri made the announcement that’s sure to cause anxiety for some folks Friday at WIRED25 … explaining the platform will experiment […]