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Kylie Jenner Real Hair Bob Is One of the Season’s Hottest Trends

kylie jenner bronde

Celebrities are really just like us this week, staying home in quarantine to help flatten the curve. They’re laying off the glam, too, as evident by our peek at Kylie Jenner’s real hair—a chic bob sans extensions. If you haven’t been blowing out your hair, putting in contacts or applying makeup (just me?), well, you’re […]

Spring Nail Trends 2020: Stunning Looks That Will Keep You Busy at Home

essie ballet slippers polish 3 Stunning Spring Nail Trends That Will Keep You Busy at Home

Something tells me the at-home manicure is going to have a resurgence in the coming months. A lot of us (me included) rely on nail techs to keep our tips on point, but as salon closures ramp up in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, most of us are going back to basics and realizing that, […]

Sneaker Trends for Summer 2020—According to Runways & Street Style

Scroll To See More Images In the past few years, sneakers have really had some time to shine. With the resurgence of the ’90s chunky sneaker and the platform sneaker making serious waves, there’s no denying the people freakin’ love sneakers. (The people is me. I love sneakers.) So, in what was mostly a search to […]

Summer Dress Trends 2020: 21 Styles You’ll Want To Wear This Season

Scroll To See More Images No matter how many dresses I have squeezed into my overstuffed closet, I can always justify browsing the year’s summer dress trends and buying a few more. Don’t worry, I’ll donate the ones I don’t wear anymore! I’m all about splurging on staples I’ll wear forever—I have simple cotton sundresses and […]

Summer 2020 High Heels Trends: 7 Styles You’re Sure to See

Scroll To See More Images Not gonna lie: Heels are the ultimate power shoe. If you can master walking in heels, you can master anything. If you can suffer arch pain in the name of fashion, you can suffer through anything. For years, heels have been women’s go-to shoe for every occasion—but even if you’re […]

Spring Makeup Trends 2020: Bold Looks Will Reign Supreme

Pastel Makeup

I’ve discovered rather quickly that the upside to staying in the house more than I’d like to is wiping the dust off of unopened makeup products and putting them to use (after washing my hands after, of course). Add in the fact that 2020 spring makeup trends are actually interesting and well, I have plenty […]

Summer Shoes Trends 2020: From Kitten Heels To Mary-Janes & More

Scroll To See More Images Why no, it’s not too early to start shopping summer shoe trends 2020, thanks for asking! Personally, I spent pretty much all of winter daydreaming about warm-weather fashion, so the second the sun came out and my parka went away, I immediately started shopping summer shoes. Too soon? Perhaps. Do I […]

The Fall 2020 Shoe Trends to Expect, According to the Runways

Scroll To See More Images Although the runways from fall/winter 2020 fashion month have ended, the real fun is just beginning. Now that every designer has shown their upcoming collections to the world, we have all the information we need to predict the fall and winter trends sure to hit all your favorite retailers in […]

Spring Outfits Influencers Love: The Top Trends To Try This Season

Scroll To See More Images When it comes time to start planning my spring and summer aesthetic, I tend to go full-out. I’m talking Pinterest pins galore, magazine cut-out mood boards, and of course, a healthy deep-stalk of all my favorite fashion-forward influencers. When I don’t know what to wear—or, in the current case of […]

Fall Makeup Trends 2020: Clean Skin, Statement Lips and More

fall makeup trends 2020 clean skin Pick a Side, Because Theres No Middle Ground for Fall Makeup Trends

Another Fashion Month is coming to a close and as expected, there is a buffet of fall fashion and beauty trends to sample. Thanks to the Baja East and Christopher John Rogers runways, we already know that classic cornrows, close cuts and slicked-back ‘dos will probably pick up steam in naturalista circles. If the Rebecca […]