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‘The Lion King’ 2019 Review: A Beautiful Reimagining With Song Remixes

timon pumba and simba the lion king 2019 The Lion King Is A Beautiful Reimagining Of A Timeless Classic

From the moment the light rose on screen, and the animals begin singing “The Circle Of Life,” I knew this film would be something special. Disney’s The Lion King is adored by generations of people– those who have been enamored with the 1994 animated film since it debuted, and a slew of others who are […]

Danessa Myricks Dew Wet Balm Review for Anyone Obsessed With Dewy Skin

danessa myricks review 1 This Highlighter Balm Has Taken My Dewy Skin Obsession to New Levels

My penchant for skin that looks hydrated minus the grease actually stems from a series of slightly traumatic experiences. Long before discovering my current addiction, Danessa Myricks’ Dew Wet Balm, I spent a huge amount of time in front of cameras. For the most part, I co-hosted tutorials and other beauty-related adventures that now feel […]

These ‘Men In Black: International’ Review Spoilers Are Enticing

men in black international tessa chris Men in Black: International Is Charming, Witty & Mostly Fun

We all know that Hollywood lives for reboots and sequels. These days, original films and TV shows are almost an anomaly in the entertainment industry. Therefore, when Men in Black: International was announced, a film centering Tessa Thompon’s Agent M, and Chris Hemsworth’s Agent H–we were more than a little skeptical. After all, Will Smith […]

Sienna Miller Stuns In ‘American Woman’: Film Review

sienna miller and christina hendricks in american woman courtesy of roadside attractions Sienna Miller Is Electric In American Woman  an Astounding Portrayal Of Grief, Loss & Betrayal

Grief, loss, and betrayal can feel suffocating, American Woman shows just how consuming these emotions can be. The film follows Deb (Sienna Miller), a young mother and grandmother trying to live her best life. Having been a single mom since she was 16, at 33–Deb’s sole concern is fun. She’s and entangled in an affair with […]

‘Late Night’ Movie: Review & Spoilers

mindy kaling late night Mindy Kalings Late Night Is Clever, (A Bit Convoluted) & A Great Deal Of Fun

As a woman of color in America–squeezing your big toe into any door, no matter what career field you may be striving for, can prove to be a harrowing experience. Not only are you often overlooked, but when you do manage to get a seat at the table, your presence is questioned at every turn. […]

Giella Cosmetics Review for Anyone Who Can’t Part With Their Discontinued Makeup

giella cosmetics review lip gloss I Found a Way to Recreate My Favorite Discontinued Makeup and the Accuracy is Unreal

We all have that one makeup staple that we won’t part ways with, no matter how old or how out of date it actually is. That can’t-part-ways-with-kind-of product for this beauty writer happens to be a rose pink lipstick and shimmery golden gloss that has probably seen better days. But, no matter how old (and […]

‘The Perfection’: Film Review | StyleCaster

the perfection The Perfection Has A Sexual Violence Problem

The Perfection has a ton of promise. Broken up into four parts, Netflix physiological thriller follows Charlotte (Get Out’s Allison Williams)–a former cello prodigy forced to retreat from the limelight to care for her ailing mother. Ten years later, following her mom’s death, Charlotte tracks down her former cello instructors Anton and Paloma (Steven Weber […]

CBD Infused Lotion Review – The Makeup Obsessed Mom

CBD in beauty products

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! A few weeks ago I posted here on the blog about the increase in the use of CBD in beauty products. You can read that informative article for a more in-depth background. I received some samples from global CBD manufacturer […]

Where to Buy Glasses Online | Warby Parker Review

Scroll To See More Images Growing up, many of us dreaded the day we’d end up with glasses. Choruses of “four eyes” echoed in our heads as we imagined how incredibly nerdy we’d look wearing the things. But as time went on—and as we grew up—glasses became veritably trendy. These days, it isn’t rare to […]

Specific Beauty Review | A Hero Brand For Brown Skin

specific beauty review This Target Brand is Why I Finally Have the Patience For a Dark Spot Corrector

Like most black women, dark spots get on my last nerve. In fact, I’ll go as far as to say they are the bane of my existence. When one goes away, here comes another propping its feet up on my face. This Specific Beauty review is particularly special because it is the only brand thus […]