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‘GUHH’ Star Dame Dash: WETV Is Racist!!

Dame Dash, one of the stars of reality television show Growing Up Hip Hop: Hollywood has lashed out at the network — he says WEtv is racist. “I have this lawsuit with WEtv and E1, and the reason why is because I felt that they deliberately separated my family, caused problems, and things that triggered […]

Black Actress Says Boy Meets World Cast Was RACIST – Called Her ‘Aunt Jemima’


An African American actress is blasting the cast of the popular 2000s kids show Boy Meets World, MTO News has learned. According to the actress, she faced extreme racist from the entire cast of the show. And now the actress is speaking out about it – 20 years later. Trina McGhee played the role of […]

Tamera From The Real’s Husband Being Called ‘Racist – Dragged On Twitter!


Tamera Mowry’s husband, Adam is being called a racist, for posting some intentionally misleading information about Black South Africans on Twitter, MTO News has learned. Adam, who worked for many years at Fox News, took to Twitter yesterday and posted about death and disease in South Africa. According to Adam, 1 million “body bags” have […]

‘Tiger King’ Director Confirms That Joe Exotic Is A Racist

Not that we needed any confirmation, but the director of Netflix’s docuseries, Tiger King, has confirmed that Joe Exotic is a racist. He was asked about the now-viral clip of Exotic ranting because he isn’t allowed to say the n-word. “Yes. Joe is a racist, I would say categorically. He said things when we were […]

Racist Reason Jackie Chan is Trending Today

“Jackie Chan” trended on Twitter on Wednesday after a video of a group of cops being verbally abused as they patrolled began re-circulating online. The one-minute clip, which appears to show a group of men fruitlessly trying to goad the police into a physical altercation, ends with them shouting after an Asian officer “bye Jackie […]

Tori Spelling Apologizes For Racist ‘Maquisha’ Joke

Tori Spelling has apologized for a racist photo she posted, showing her daughter Hattie dressed up in a bandana with Cheeto nails joking that her name is “McQuisha.” Spelling chose an evidently African American name, and viewers picked up on the racial undertones very quickly, and proceeded to drag her across social media. Now she’s […]

Normani Breaks Silence On Camila Cabelloโ€™s Racist Posts

Normani has finally spoken out about her former Fifth Harmony bandmate, Camila Cabello’s past racist posts on social media, saying it was “devastating.” Cabello faced public backlash after old social media posts landed online via a Tumblr account, where she used racist language when referring to people of color. “I face senseless attacks daily, as […]

Target Black Entrepreneur Called ‘Racist’ For Wanting To Help ‘Black Girls’!!


The founder of the popular feminine wash company Honeypot, Beatrice Dixon, is coming under fire on social media. Some people are calling her “racist” because she talked about wanting to inspire young Black girls in a new commercial. The commercial was produced by Target – one of Beatrice’s major retailers. And the commercial seemed to […]

Normani Talks Camila Cabello’s Racist Posts in Rolling Stone

Image Source: Getty / Jean Baptiste Lacroix / Monica Schipper Normani is speaking out for the first time about her former Fifth Harmony groupmate Camila Cabello’s old racist Tumblr posts and tweets. The 23-year-old singer personally sent a statement to Rolling Stone on Friday, telling the publication that she wanted to “be very clear about […]

Normani Speaks Out About Camila Cabello’s Past Racist Posts

Normani Kordei has commented on Camila Cabello‘s past use of racial slurs. In a new Rolling Stone interview, the “Motivation” singer was asked about the resurfaced racist slurs and memes her former Fifth Harmony bandmate is said to have posted to her personal Tumblr page in her early-to-mid teens. At the time, Normani said she […]