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Empowered Women – Volume 5

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! For this weekโ€™s Empowered Women Series, Iโ€™m introducing you to one of my OMagInsider sisters. Ali was also one of the โ€œinaugural 50โ€ with me when the ambassador program for The Oprah Magazine started back in 2017. I was […]

Why Aidy Bryant Felt Shrill Was Her Story to Tell, and How It Empowered Her on SNL

By now, you should have had time to watch all of Hulu’s Shrill. And maybe even watch it a second time. And maybe a third. It’s such a quick watchโ€”six episodes, each under half an hourโ€”that it’s massively impressive just how much the show manages to do and address as it tells the story of […]