Empowered Women – Volume 5

For this week’s Empowered Women Series, I’m introducing you to one of my OMagInsider sisters. Ali was also one of the “inaugural 50” with me when the ambassador program for The Oprah Magazine started back in 2017. I was blessed to have met Ali and another Insider in person when I was in Las Vegas with my family back in 2017. She has a beautiful spirit is always sharing some great inspiration along with gorgeous pictures in her Instagram stories that really inspire me. You can follow her here.

Tell us a little bit about YOU:

I consider myself to be a spirited, versatile down to earth girl that happens to have many diverse activities and responsibilities. I feel empowered in a sense, because I have been given the opportunity to live through many different challenges, more than some women may live in one lifetime. Nonetheless, this has allowed me to help other women in their journey. Confidence, setting boundaries, and being able to keep “getting up” after difficult or traumatic events doesn’t always come easy for many. Learning through the years how to get better and overcome in these areas has developed somewhat of a skill that I feel should be shared.  I am looking forward to publishing a book that hopefully assists in accomplishing this as well as setting up a “home” in Mexico that will assist young ladies (with focus on Tarahumara or Raramuri Indians) with “teen pregnancy education”, general education including English, minimal medical assistance, and living quarters with occupancy of 12 at a time (through pregnancy or if victims of domestic abuse). I am also a Spanish Interpreter and a mother to 4 awesome kiddos and a grandmother to triplets.

Ali Luna feature post

Favorite Quotes:

“Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, They’re supposed to help you discover who you are” –Bernice Johnson Reagon


“Tradition and assumption are the greatest enemies of intelligent action” – Manoj Bhargaua

Biggest disappointment:

How complicated and more difficult we make things. How the government, laws, and society have changed the way we care for our communities and our earth. How challenging it is for human kind to support each other. The amount of challenges I have had to get permits, legalities, and assistance for my nonprofit home has many times been due to people and their personal decisions, not necessarily the law or what is right. Challenges that become bigger because of someone’s mood, opinion, electoral party of choice, corruption, greed, etc. Sometimes I feel we can actually ruin it for our future generations…

Because of fear of lawsuits, millions of pounds of food are thrown away daily instead of feeding the homeless, we have lost trust in others due to crime in our neighborhoods, at times we do not help or get involved due to fear of repercussion or possible consequence, or simply for lack of time and medias influence.

Favorite Piece of Advice:

We must live for today and water our seeds while we’re at it! – Metaphorically speaking. Pay attention to our thoughts and the value of time. Give attention to the impact our decisions, choices, and “investments” have in the life we want to create for ourselves. How much are we putting back into our friendships, our families, our goals, and our purpose? But most importantly, be humble and always, always, always… be grateful!

Favorite Collaboration:

My children!

I have had the privilege to work with amazing, famous, talented, clever and recognized folks around the world, but I must say my children and my friends can be brutally honest. They are big dreamers, full of inspiration, motivation and drive! The will get projects moving and will make sure we all have fun while doing them. We get involved in the community and plan collaborations that are infused with each of our individual talents. When my son creates music, videos or short films, when my daughter plans theatrical sets, or when we simply go with the homeless, get the family to set up a blanket drive or fundraiser… they are true bosses!

How can we support you?

Your support is greatly appreciated by “paying it forward.” I try to motivate people to stop for a brief moment and appreciate their surroundings: the sky, the flower, their homes, their hard work, their education, their “checked off tasks of the day”- pat yourself on the back! And then… give back. Get involved, somewhere, somehow. Then after that, if you have a spare minute or two, please send a prayer, good vibes, or happy wishes to the teen girls going through pregnancy around the world. – Thank you kindly x

Be sure to come back every Wednesday for my Empowered Women Series. Let me know if you’d like to be featured in a future post.

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