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Popeyes Employees Fight Worker Selling Chicken Sandwich On Side

Play video content @JustKesh87 The fights over the reintroduction of Popeyes’ chicken sandwich are not slowing down … workers at one franchise ganged up on a fellow employee they say was selling the popular item on the low. Check out this insane video from a Popeyes restaurant in Los Angeles … it’s a madhouse behind […]

Video of Republic Airways Employees’ Fight, Man Punches Woman

Play video content Two airline employees — a woman and a man — got into an ugly brawl with slaps, punches and spitting, allegedly, involved … and it was all captured on surveillance video. The video from inside the jetway — and just outside the door of a Republic Airways plane — shows a female […]

Celeb Jewelry Hot Spot Avianne and Co. Gets Robbed, Employees Tied Up

Getty Your favorite rapper’s go-to spot for the freshest bling in NYC is probably gonna be closed for a sec … ’cause the place got held up at gunpoint in the middle of the day. The robbery went down Sunday afternoon at Avianne and Co. in Midtown Manhattan, when at least three guys who were […]

Lil Nas X, Jeff Bezos and Katy Perry Party at Amazon’s Employees Bash

Lil Nas X just topped his Billy Ray Cyrus collab by pairing with Jeff Bezos for a huge Amazon office party … in a freakin’ football stadium!! So, yeah … you could say it was a Prime pairing. Proving how awesome it is to be the richest man in the world … Bezos hired Lil […]

Shawne Merriman Sued for Wrongful Death in Playboy Employee’s Overdose, He Denies

Exclusive Details TMZ Ex-San Diego Chargers star Shawne Merriman is being sued by the parents of a deceased Playboy employee, who claim he drugged and possibly assaulted their daughter before she overdosed while partying with him … but Merriman flat-out denies wrongdoing. The employee was Kimberly Fattorini, who died in 2017. At the time, her […]