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LL Cool J Agrees To Contribute To Swizz Beat’s Fund For Hip Hop’s Founders

Rap legend LL Cool J has agreed to contribute to Swizz Beats’ effort to raise funds for the founders of the Hip Hop culture. “This is a dream I had — I’m not saying pay LL. I’m not saying pay Swizz. Let’s come up with a plan to take care of the founders of Hip […]


cool collaborations atlantic-pacific

Itโ€™s always refreshing to see collaboration over competition happen in the retail and fashion space. I love when brands bring their strengths and come together to create something new and fun and exciting for their customers. Below are five new cool collaborations to keep on your radar as we head into summerโ€ฆ NEW BALANCE x […]

Takoda the Black Bear Enjoys Cool Bath at Oregon Zoo

Play video content Oregon Zoo Here’s something nice for a change — Takoda the black bear’s unconcerned with the troubles of the world, and is just enjoying a dip in a cold tub … REALLY enjoying it. The 400-pound bear’s splashy bath time is a springtime staple at the Oregon Zoo, where they bust out […]

The Forever 21 x Loteria Collection Is Effortlessly Cool For Summer


Creating a summer wardrobe thatโ€™s effortlessly cool, casual and trendy all at the same damn time can be a whirlwind of a shopping challenge. Add in a budget, and it can feel nearly impossible to cultivate the warm-weather ensembles of our dreams. Thankfully, though, the new Forever 21 Loteria collection has arrived to make creating […]

The Altuzarra x Etsy Home Decor Collection Is A Sultry and Cool Collab


While fashion brand Altuzarra is typically known for their ready-to-wear womenโ€™s luxury clothing, theyโ€™ve officially leapt out of the box to collaborate with eight global Etsy artisans and create the home decor refresh you need in your life right now. Think masculine bohemian vibes with some majorly trendy details. From coasters and placemats to pillows […]

Pod of Dolphins Glows Blue in Bioluminescent Waves, Really Cool Video

These SoCal dolphins are lit, y’all — quite literally, and while it might look out of this world … it’s just simple bioluminescence. The incredible nature scene played out Wednesday just after sunset in Newport Beach … but the footage, captured by photographer Patrick Coyne, didn’t start spreading like fire until it was posted Thursday […]

Atlanta’s Celeb Hairstylists & Makeup Artists Not Cool with Georgia Reopening

Exclusive Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is itching to reopen the state’s economy, but many of the people who service celebs there aren’t feeling it, and think it’s an irresponsible move. TMZ spoke with several hairstylists and makeup artists to the stars in Atlanta, and the general consensus is … Gov. Kemp’s making a mistake opening […]

cool kicks & frilly frocks โ€“ Wait, You Need This

SHOP MY EDIT: Turn on your JavaScript to view content NYCers, remember back in the day when women wore sneakers to get from point A to point B and then pulled heels out of their bag as soon as they got indoors? Iโ€™m so glad those days are over and cute kicks are not just […]

12 Sports Bras For Small Chests Cool Enough For The Gym OR The โ€˜Gram


ย  Will the Itty Bitty Titty Committee please stand up?! Small-chested ladies, Iโ€™m talking to you! There are plenty of pros to having smaller boobs: the ability to go braless without anyone noticing, looking bomb in deep V necklines with zero fear of a nip slip, and the luxury of being able to easily find […]

Chris Childs Says There Was No Beef With Kobe After Fist Fight, We Were Cool!

Play video content Exclusive TMZSports.com Ex-Knicks player Chris Childs says ever since Kobe Bryant‘s death, fans have been bringing up their fight from back in the day … but those fans need to chill — ’cause Chris says he and Kobe were cool!!! “Nah, it was never a beef,” Childs says, “It was just something […]