These Sunglasses Will Instantly Up the Cool Factor of Any Outfit

Living in a part of the world where it’s summer all year round, the Sun is our public enemy number one. On most days, sunscreen alone isn’t enough defence against the merciless rays that beat down on us mere mortals. We’ve weathered too many hot afternoons squinty-eyed and brows furrowed and know better than to step out without a trustee pair of sunnies in tow.

Why would we? Beyond just protecting our eyes from the Sun and the premature onset of crows feet and fine lines, sunnies shield us from the world on the days we just can’t deal. On both counts, the bigger the frame, the better. Oversized sunglasses with thick borders and tinted lens that evoke an ineffable cool (read: do not make eye contact) are our go-to.

There’s plenty that tick our boxes from Gentle Monster – the South Korean label that’s an arbiter of cool in the eyewear department. Would you like to see the world through blue-tinted lens or step into the future with ones that recall the Matrix? Take your pick!

Gentle Monster Agail G7

Gentle Monster Rick 01

Gentle Monster New Bond 032

Gentle Monster Kings 01

Gentle Monster Ghost 01

Gentle Monster Frida 01

Gentle Monster Deus G1

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