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Comfy Outfit Ideas That Are Chic Enough to Wear In Public


It’s just about to be winter, y’all. The means two things: 1. It’s hella cold, so warm outfits are a must, and 2. I am not leaving the house unless I am comfortable AF—I know I’m not alone in this. When you think of comfy outfit ideas, the first thing your mind likely goes to […]

Best Wig Caps for a Natural-Looking Part and Comfy Protection

Scroll To See More Images Wearing a wig without a wig cap is the hallmark rookie mistake most newbies make. Not only did this cause wigs to slide throughout the day; it also creates a lot of tension on natural hair when you take it on and off. Before I saw the light and went […]

the art of comfy chic dressing

GET THE LOOK: Turn on your JavaScript to view content My personal style is equal parts trendy and comfortable. I find myself attracted to standout pieces that secretly feel like pajamas. But the easiest way to spoil a comfy chic look is with less than comfy undies. Raise your hand if you’ve ever worn a […]

21 Pairs of Sale Summer Sneakers Ready to Keep Your Feet Comfy n’ Cute

Scroll To See More Images While most summers you’ll see me jetting around town in simple slides and the Birkenstock-esque sandals I snagged at Target for way cheaper than the real thing (Would love to own the real thing, though, y’all. One day.), sometimes open-toed shoes just don’t cut it. When you’re heading out on summer […]

13 Comfy Plus-Size Dresses You Need Right Now

Scroll To See More Images In recent years, a lot of plus-size clothing brands have popped up in the wake of body positivity and dismantling fatphobia—which is obviously a great thing. In case you weren’t aware, though, there’s one plus-size fashion company that’s been around for over 100 (!!!) years. Right now, this plus-size brand, […]