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Los Angeles Goes Back to the Beaches After 6-Week Coronavirus Closure

Beaches in Los Angeles County are back in biz, and folks are taking advantage right away in the sand and surf — but some kinds of fun are still off-limits. After 6 weeks away, a steady stream of people headed to the beaches in Malibu, Santa Monica and Manhattan Beach throughout the day Wednesday, and, […]

Uptown Records Founder Andre Harrell Dies In Los Angeles – Suspected Coronavirus!!

Andre Harrell, one of the most important music executives of the 20th century, was found dead in his Los Angeles apartment last nigh MO News has learned. Early reports suggest that Andre, who was 59 years old, may have contracted the coronavirus. Andre is best known as the founder of Uptown Records, where Sean “Puffy” […]

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Photo’d In Los Angeles Wearing Corona Masks!!

Prince Harry and Princess Meghan of Sussex were spotted out, walking their dogs in a very upscale Los Angeles neighborhood, MTO News has confirmed. Meghan, 38, and Harry, 35, recently moved to Los Angeles during the coronavirus quarantine, so that their son can be near his grandmother (Meghan’s mom). And for the first time, the […]

Harry and Meghan’s First Sighting in Los Angeles, Feeding The Needy

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Prince Harry and Meghan Markle quietly delivered food to needy folks in Los Angeles … and only TMZ has video of the couple’s first public sighting since moving to Hollywood. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have kept an extremely low profile since relocating from Canada to California last month, […]

Los Angeles County Extends Stay-at-Home Order to May 15

The people of Los Angeles County will have to remain on lockdown for at least another month … county officials have extended an order until May 15. L.A. County’s public health director, Barbara Ferrer, made the announcement Friday during a press conference. The “Safer-at-Home” initiative has closed public beaches, most parks and hiking trails, and […]

Los Angeles Air Cleanest in Decades Due to Coronavirus Shutdowns

The notorious Los Angeles smog is nowhere insight, and the city’s enjoying its longest stretch of good air quality in at least 40 years — but of course, the reason for that sucks. The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent shutdown of most commerce and travel across the country has totally changed everyone’s way of life, but […]

Los Angeles Skywriter Sends Inspirational Coronavirus Pandemic Message

Exclusive “WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS.” That’s the writing on the wall — or sky, in this case — over West Hollywood … an inspirational reminder as we all try to endure the coronavirus pandemic. The skywriting appeared Friday afternoon as the plane spelled out the simple and uplifting sentence as Californians end their second […]

Elon Musk Gives 1,000 Ventilators to Los Angeles To Fight Coronavirus

Breaking News Elon Musk‘s coming to the rescue as Los Angeles gears up to fight the deadly coronavirus … because he’s already following through with a promise to supply ventilators to patients in need. California Governor Gavin Newsom just said the Tesla founder has already delivered the 1,000 ventilators he promised to Los Angeles, this […]

Los Angeles County Beaches Cut Down Volleyball Nets Due To Coronavirus

Exclusive The coronavirus pandemic is giving new meaning to the March tradition of cutting down nets … beaches across Los Angeles County are making sure no one plays volleyball. L.A. County workers are busy cutting down volleyball nets across the Santa Monica Bay Friday, this only hours after California Governor Gavin Newsom ordered residents to […]

Los Angeles Going On 24-Hour Coronavirus Lockdown, ‘Safer At Home’

Breaking News Los Angeles is implementing what seems to be inevitably coming for the rest of the U.S. sooner than later — a 24-hour mandated quarantine for all residents to help “flatten the curve” of the coronavirus pandemic. L.A. residents will no longer be able to leave their homes around the clock for the next […]