Justin Bieber Reveals His Favorite Body Part, If His Mustache Will Return

Ellen DeGeneres’ audience absolutely lost their minds when the host surprised them with a surprise guest for a round of Burning Questions. Suddenly, the place erupted in fangirl screams as Justin Bieber emerged and made many of their days by racing through the studio handing out high fives.

But while audience members got a quick hand slap from the “Yummy” singer, Ellen got not just one, but two hugs. Even after they were seated in the Burning Questions chairs, he turned to give her an even warmer embrace, telling her that he needed “a big hug” and that he loved her.

That same lovey-dovey vibe perpetuated throughout the game, with Justin filled with smiles and a light joyfulness as most of the questions managed to be about his new wife Hailey Baldwin … and if they weren’t, it didn’t take him long to get there.

Clearly in the honeymoon phase of their fresh marriage, Bieber was looking quite dashing without his signature mustache, which he recently shaved off. His wife has publicly confessed to not being a big fan of it, and that was in fact one of Ellen’s questions.

“Will it return?” she asked of the facial adornment. “I hope so eventually,” said Justin (who loved it every moment he had it). “But right now I’m gonna keep it clean because my wife, she’s not really liking it. She didn’t like it.”

So a question about his mustache became about Hailey. How about his favorite body part. While most guests sheepishly avoid the more salacious answers, Justin had no problem touting his favorite part. “I think I’d say I got a nice butt,” he said.

Ellen agreed, and then he explained just why he has a nice butt, so either he’s thought about this, or someone has told him.

“I played hockey my whole life so, you know, it’s called a hockey butt, you know what I mean?” he said. “I got a nice little hockey butt.”

And then, as if realizing he hadn’t yet found a way to work Hailey into this, he told the audience, “Don’t look, it’s my wife’s. Don’t look. Just take it from me.”

Most of Ellen’s questions, though, were quite directly about Hailey, including how she smelled and what he did that annoys her, though she didn’t buy his answer on that one. Justin said he thinks she gets annoyed that he sings so much around the house.

“Singing around the house is not annoying,” Ellen told him. “People would– They pay for that.”

When she asked him his favorite gift, Justin said that his wife had set up a low-key night in with a movie, but she’d had the house decorated like with a wedding planner first. He was almost blushing when he said, “It was like this really romantic night. It’s not a big deal. I mean, it was pretty cool.”

He also got a little quiet when confessing to his nickname with his wife, which is actually one they share back and forth. “She calls me goo-goo, which is kind of weird,” he said, adding with a little smile, “But I like it.”

When Ellen asked him if he and Hailey had thought about kids and how many he wanted to have, Justin came back with a very progressive answer, saying, “I think it’s up to Hailey because it’s her body.”

And throughout the whole thing, probably more than any other guest, Justin was absolutely fascinated by Ellen’s giant pointless red buttons. Several times he tried to clarify that there’s no point in the button. “People like to push buttons,” she told him, to which he agreed he does.

It was all very sweet and cute and clearly someone who is riding the euphoria of love. We’re so happy to see Justin at such a blissful chapter in his life, clearly enjoying everything that’s happening for him.

In conclusion, we have to say we’re with the wife on the mustache. He looks so much more handsome without it!

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