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Kelly Rowland Reveals Her Favorite Sex Toy!!

Kelly Rowland hopped online with her friend, Lala Anthony, where she talked about her favorite sex toy. During the Live session, Kelly asked her Twitter followers if they preferred “Toys or no toys?” and whether they opted for “Lingerie or just a T-Shirt.”ย  As her followers gave their answer, Lala then asked Kelly what she […]

Chrissy Teigenโ€™s Favorite Carrot Cake Recipe Is Perfect for Easter

Southern Living Carrot Cake Recipe

As someone who owns one of Chrissy Teigenโ€™s cookbooks, I am very much aware that the celeb has impeccable taste in food. (No pun intended, but it works.) Not only are Teigenโ€™s original recipes worth making day after day, but she also knows whatโ€™s up when it comes to recipes from othersโ€”only furthering her legitimacy […]

The Walking Dead Recap: Fan Favorite Character from Comics Makes Their Debut

The world of “The Walking Dead” just expanded a little more on Sunday night, as a beloved character from the source material comics made her big debut. While most of the hour dealt with the ramifications of Alpha’s death and decapitation, we want to start with the show’s newest cast member: Princess, played by Paola […]

The Wash Your Lyrics Generator Lets You Scrub to Your Favorite Song

Scroll To See More Images The number of times Iโ€™ve been reminded to wash my hands (for 20 seconds!) could easily be turned into a very successful drinking gameโ€”but itโ€™s still an important reminder. With fear striking the hearts of most of the world right now, itโ€™s necessary that we take precautions like social distancing […]


favorite things for spring atlantic-pacific

Taking a moment today to round up some new looks and showcase a few of my favorite things for spring from all around the World Wide Web. Over the past few weeks Iโ€™ve been pleasantly surprised with the new arrivals sections of so many of my go-to retailers. Warmer weather canโ€™t come soon enough! Scroll […]

Live Tinted Huestick Free Is My Favorite Way to Get the Monochromatic Makeup Trend

live tinted free model

Yesterday at the Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles, YouTuber turned beauty entrepreneur Deepica Mutyala threw her own Holi festival. It was quite literally a festival of colors in honor of her own brand, Live Tintedโ€™s, new Huestick shade in Free. Today, Monday, March 9 and Tuesday, March 10 is a two-day holiday kicked off […]

Mick Foley Reveals His Favorite WWE Alter Ego, It Ain’t Mankind!

Play video content Exclusive TMZSports.com He’s been Cactus Jack, Mankind and even Saint Mick … but pro wrestling legend Mick Foley says his favorite WWE alter ego isn’t any of those guys — it’s someone way more corporate! “I’m gonna go with ‘Corporate Dude Love,” Foley tells TMZ Sports … “Where I got to dance […]

Justin Bieber Reveals His Favorite Body Part, If His Mustache Will Return

Ellen DeGeneres’ audience absolutely lost their minds when the host surprised them with a surprise guest for a round of Burning Questions. Suddenly, the place erupted in fangirl screams as Justin Bieber emerged and made many of their days by racing through the studio handing out high fives. But while audience members got a quick […]

MAC Selena La Reina Second Collection Includes a Returning Favorite

mac selena lip glass

Surprise! M.A.C. is at it again with its next collection inspired by the Queen of Latin Pop, Selena Quintanilla. Itโ€™s called M.A.C. Selena La Reina, which translates to Selena the Queen, the perfect name for the line. Selena (sheโ€™s a one-name superstar, right?) fans are so rabid, they created an online petition for M.A.C. to […]


I am asked quite often my opinion on the best photography locations and most instagrammable spots here in NYC. Whether you are a blogger, photographer, tourist with a discerning eye, or someone looking for locations for a wedding or engagement shoot, hopefully the below recommendations can be of help. Below I am discussing some of […]