Full Moon May 2019 | The 4 Signs Most Affected

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This Saturday, May 18, the full moon—also known as the Flower Moon—will bring all of Taurus’s new moon’s energy to its peak, making it the perfect time to reflect on what worked this month, what isn’t working, and what the next few weeks will look like before our lunar cycle begins anew. Of all the phases of the moon, full moons are typically credited as chapter endings—but really, they’re the climax. With full moons, as in the stories we live, there is more to come. This peak energy can mean so many different things for all the signs—but some signs will be affected more than others.

One thing to consider this full moon—things aren’t complete yet. You still have time to reassess, course-correct, and change the outcome of whatever goal you’re working towards. Or, I mean, just live. More and more, I’m trying to let go of my outer expectations and focus on not having mental breakdowns in various parking lots or scrolling endlessly through staged photos on Pinterest or whatever. What I’m saying is—this is not the end. Wherever you are, if you’re unhappy, right now (RIGHT NOW!!) is the time to change it.

I’ve never met a metaphor that I haven’t beaten to the ground—so here it is. Life is farther removed than the stories we tell ourselves. Typically, there are no great endings (cue the sunset) or B-roll of a soulful kiss that ends in a happily-ever-after. I think that can lead to an expectation that full moons need to show us something. That they need to validate all of our hard work and our value as a person. But I’m not sure we ever really get that kind of resolution in this world. So this full moon, relish the unraveled threads of whatever beautiful mess you are making. Even if it’s ugly and looks like a tangled mess of chargers. It’s all part of your story.

STYLE CASTER | Feb. 2019 Horoscopes | Taurus: April 20 – May 20

Image: Sprios Halaris.

Taurus –

With the full moon in your court, you might be feeling pressure to perform. But really, now is the best time to chill and unwind, watching the world and your hard work unfold around you. There is so much shitty societal pressure to constantly BE PRODUCTIVE and HAVE A BRAND. There is value in feeling good. There is value in saying no. There is value in doing whatever the hell you want, regardless of what the talking heads of the world are saying.

STYLE CASTER | Feb. 2019 Horoscopes | Cancer: June 22 – July 22

Image: Sprios Halaris.

Cancer –

This Flower Moon may lead to more than just pretty June blossoms—I’m thinking special gifts or attention from someone that makes you feel all funny (at least—that’s how my first graders describe crushes). Whatever vibes you’re putting out this month are strong and sultry. Lean into your own sexuality—in whatever way makes you feel most comfortable and powerful. Define the terms of what you want to attract. This full moon will do the rest.

STYLE CASTER | Feb. 2019 Horoscopes | Virgo: August 23 – September 22

Image: Sprios Halaris.

Virgo –

It’s really easy for people to tell you to ‘follow your heart’. It’s trite as shit, and sounds true enough that it usually slides in polite conversation. But for real—what does that even mean? This full moon, it’s time for you to figure out what is leading your decisions. Is it your heart? Is it fear? Or is it something else entirely? Focus your energy on finding out what is leading you. Whether it’s your heart or your butt or something else entirely—make sure it is serving your best interests.

STYLE CASTER | Feb. 2019 Horoscopes | Capricorn: December 22 – January 19

Image: Sprios Halaris.

Capricorn –

It isn’t long before your (many) accomplishments begin to bore you, Capricorn. You’re always onto the next—often before you’ve even had time to really celebrate the present. So slow down your shit, sweet child of the universe. This Flower Moon is an opportunity to chill out and stare at a wall for a little bit—and for you, it’s more than necessary.

This full moon—and every full moon—is more than the culmination of your goals. It’s another month of sunrises and sunsets. Of jittery nerves and all of the people you saw and loved. Of messes in your kitchen, mind, and heart. This full moon may feel like the ending, but as always, an ending is just a new start. Spread your toes like roots, and bloom.

Love, love, LOVE

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