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Perseids Meteor Shower August 2020: Will Your Zodiac Sign Be Affected?

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The Perseids Meteor Shower will light up our skies and our spirits for one night only on August 12. While shedding a little excess as it propels through the solar system, the meteor shower remind us to release what no longer belongs to us, too, so that we can continue to move closer to achieving our […]

Full Moon In Aquarius August 2020 Meaning: Will Your Sign Be Affected?

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There’s a full moon coming, and it is filled with surprises! The upcoming Full Moon in Aquarius happening on August 3, 2020, will highlight our desires for freedom, revolution and change. This full moon will also encourage us to better balance our hearts with our minds, and to ultimately release anything that no longer serves […]

New Moon In Cancer On July 20, 2020: How Each Sign Will Be Affected

Scroll To See More Images Attention, astro fans: the New Moon in Cancer on July 20, 2020 is one part spicy and one part magical. Get excited! In case you need a reminder, a New Moon happens once a month and occurs when the Moon is at its darkest. Astronomically, the New Moon is the first […]

Full Buck Moon July 2020: How Your Zodiac Sign Will Be Affected

Scroll To See More Images The final eclipse of the Summer is coming and it’s a full moon. Are you excited? Nope? That’s okay, let’s turn that frown upside down and make a little peace with this full moon! On Sunday, July 5th we will have a Full Buck Moon in the sign of Capricorn […]

Vanessa Bryant Finds Kobe Probate Case Affected By Coronavirus Chaos

Exclusive Vanessa Bryant‘s trying to get affairs in order for her and her kids following Kobe‘s death, and coronavirus is making it difficult … so she’s asking the court for some help. Vanessa filed legal docs asking a judge to appoint a guardian ad litem for her 2 daughters — Bianka and Natalia — as […]

TV Shows Affected By Coronavirus: Riverdale, The Bachelorette, Grey’s Anatomy


Coachella has been postponed. Movies have been delayed. And yes, even TV shows have been affected by coronavirus. Since COVID-19 was first discovered in Wuhan, China in December 2019, the virus has spread across the world, even to Hollywood, where productions are shutting down indefinitely until coronavirus is under control. From talk shows to dramas […]

March 2020 Full Worm Moon Meaning: Will Your Sign Be Affected?

Scroll To See More Images The first supermoon of 2020 will groove into existence on March 9, 2020, and while it will affect everyone, some signs in particular will receive a hearty vibe-check that deserves a little extra unpacking. If you’re wondering about the March 2020 full worm moon meaning, you’ve come to the right […]

Tom Brady ‘Deeply Affected’ By Kobe Bryant’s Death, ‘So Many Tears’

Breaking News TMZ/Getty Composite Tom Brady says Kobe Bryant‘s death has kept him up at night and brought him to “so many tears” — and now he’s opening up about why the “real superhero” meant so much to him. TB12 didn’t just love Kobe as an athlete — but he respected him as a father, […]

Leonids Meteor Shower 2019 Horoscopes: How the Signs Will Be Affected

Scroll To See More Images Your Leonids meteor shower 2019 horoscope is here—and it is fresh. If you’ve been feeling temperamental, bored, or detached from the details of your life, this meteor shower is here to change things up and get you feeling energized and interested again. But first, what exactly is the Leonid meteor […]

Taurid Meteor Shower 2019 Horoscopes: How the Signs Will Be Affected

Scroll To See More Images In these last three months of this decade (cue: existential tears), our 2019 Taurid meteor shower horoscopes are gonna have some kick to it, making sure that we end the year with some semblance of style. But first, what is a Taurid? For the uninitiated, the Taurids are meteors, aka […]