LeBron James Presents $1 Million Check to I Promise School for New Gym

LeBron James

I Promise School Gets $1 Mil Check

… For New Gym!!

5/10/2019 8:17 AM PDT

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LeBron James made a surprise visit to his I Promise School in Akron on Thursday … and he came bearing a REALLY big gift — a $1 MILLION check!!

The NBA superstar presented a grant from the DICK’s Sporting Goods Foundation … which will go towards building a brand new gym for his already-freakin’-awesome school.

The gym will be used for phys. ed classes, after-school activities and act as a safe space for local kids after hours.

“To my kids, this is more than a gym,” Bron says of the gift. “The DICK’s Sports Matter program is helping us provide even more opportunities. An opportunity to play and learn in a safe place that many don’t have access to.”

“I can’t imagine where my friends and I would be if it weren’t for the coaches and teachers who cared about us and the opportunities we had.”

As we previously reported, Bron’s school is doing REALLY well … with their statewide test scores soaring after just one year.

Now, the kids will be able to work on their jump shot to, oh, who knows … maybe become the next LeBron James.

Props to LeBron. This is awesome!!

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