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Trump Straws Selling Like Crazy, 1 Million MAGA Hats Sold

Exclusive Getty Donald Trump has more numbers to brag about — his Trump Straws are selling like hotcakes, quickly approaching $1 million in sales … and MAGA hats have reached a milestone. Sources with the President’s campaign tell TMZ … sales for the straws — which come in a 10-pack for $15 and are meant […]

Oscar De La Hoya Gunning to Get Ryan Garcia $700 Million Boxing Deal

Play video content Exclusive TMZSports.com Oscar De La Hoya just signed Ryan Garcia to a new contract — but he’s gunning to get Garcia even MORE money … telling TMZ Sports he wants to make King Ryan the first boxer to sign a $700 MILLION deal!!! 21-year-old Garcia — who’s already racked up an impressive […]

Travis Scott’s New Rare Maybach G-Wagon Worth $1.6 MILLION

Exclusive Travis Scott is definitely in the one percent — not only does his new vehicle cost more than most new houses … it’s one of only 99 ever made in the whole world. The rapper recently dropped a fortune on a white 2018 Maybach G650 Landaulet, an extremely rare G-Wagon that goes for $1.6 […]

Mac Miller Leaves $11 Million Fortune to Friends and Family

Exclusive Getty Mac Miller‘s fortune has officially been totaled up — and the guy was worth over $11 million … which will be split among his closest friends and family. The rapper’s estate filed new legal docs showing Mac’s wealth has been appraised in full at about $11.3 million, including his personal property and cash […]

Kevin Hart Sued for $60 Million By Sex Tape Partner Claiming Was in On Recording Liaison

Exclusive TMZ/Getty Composite Kevin Hart‘s sex tape partner claims Hart conspired with a friend to secretly record their encounter, and now she’s suing him for $60 million. Montia Sabbag claims in a new lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, her 2017 encounter with Hart in a Vegas hotel room was all planned by Hart and JT Jackson […]

Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS Launch Made $2 Million Within Minutes

Exclusive TMZ/Getty Composite Kim Kardashian still has the Midas touch … because her SKIMS Solutionwear raked in millions of dollars only minutes after going on sale. Sources connected to the launch tell TMZ … SKIMS pushed $2 million in product within the first few minutes of Kim’s campaign going live Tuesday, and nearly every piece […]

Michael Jordan Donating $1 Million to Bahamas Hurricane Relief

Breaking News Getty Michael Jordan is pledging $1 MILLION to hurricane relief efforts in the Bahamas — saying he’s “devastated” after seeing the destruction the storm has caused. “I am devastated to see the destruction that Hurricane Dorian has brought to the Bahamas, where I own property and visit frequently,” MJ said. “My heart goes […]

Post Malone’s $3 Million House in Utah is Built For Apocalypse

Exclusive The MLS.com Post Malone is preparing for the apocalypse with a $3 million compound tucked away in Northern Utah … and the first images of the property prove it’s a pretty sweet place to await the end of the world!!! We did some digging on the compound Post’s been quietly living in, since buying […]

Justin Bieber Producer Poo Bear Burglarized, $1 Million Jacked

TMZ The hitmaker behind Justin Bieber, Usher and Chris Brown is hurting to the tune of $1 million … courtesy of a massive burglary at his Hollywood Hills crib. The heist at Poo Bear‘s home was discovered Friday, and unfortunately for him, the bad guy or guys were able to make off with an entire […]

Kanye West Buys Massive $14 Million Wyoming Ranch

Exclusive TMZ Kanye West is not just a Wyoming visitor anymore, because we’ve learned he just bought a massive property. Kanye plunked down some serious money for a property called Monster Lake Ranch. The asking price was $14 million for the huge chunk of land outside Cody, Wyoming. The Ranch itself has 8 lodging units […]