WMBW Reviews – WearMe Pro Sunglasses – what my boyfriend wore

Hands up if you’ve ever lost a pair of sunglasses? Or maybe sat on them, dropped them, scratched them? I’m guessing you’ve run out of hands!!

I’m willing to bet you probably saved up for those sunnies too right? Saw them in a store, went back a couple of times, tried them on, took a selfie…sent that selfie to a friend for a second opinion…and then remortgaged your house to buy them. Sound familiar? It does to me, I did this my whole life…sometimes I still do. Sunglasses really are the ultimate accessory to bring a little edge to your outfit, but are they really worth the price tag?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about investing in classic pieces. I mean if you find the perfect pair of aviators that make your face look like Ryan Renolds, then you gotta snatch them up, whatever the price tag. However, sunglasses have definitely joined the world of fast fashion, so investing in a couple pairs of ‘on trend’ shades isn’t always the best idea. Odds are they’re gonna end up in a shoe box under your cupboard by the time the sun comes out next year anyway.

So whatcha gonna do? You don’t want to wear the same glasses every day, but you don’t want to risk bankruptcy every time a new style comes out either. It sure is a pickle! Or at least it was, I guess. When WearMe Pro asked me to review their Shade Box subscription model I was a little sceptical at first – I’ve never been a fan of subscription boxes. But then I thought about the above, the sunglasses I had lost, or broken, or even worse, the new styles I hadn’t bought because of the price and the WearMe Pro mission started making sense “We are not here to make sunglasses with an overpriced logo, we are here to provide quality sunglasses at the most reasonable price.”

Then I received my first batch and was sold.


It works like this. Choose your gender, chose the styles and colour you generally like then choose your subscription length. Boom. You get 3 pairs in your mailbox for $30. It’s a pretty sweet deal.

In terms of quality, they’re not the best sunglasses I’ve ever owned, but they’re certainly not the worst – in fact, I’ve paid far more for far less, to be honest. But I kinda think thats the point right? It’s fast fashion, if you sit on them or lose them to a surprise wave, you just wait till your next shipment arrives or just replace them directly from the online store for under $15.

I really love this idea and dig that it’s a family run business just wanting to make everyone look great for a little less. If you’re a sunglass addict without the funds to support your habit, I really suggest checking them out.

Okay. Stay fancy.


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