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Boohoo X We Wore What Fall 2019 Collection With Danielle Bernstein

Scroll To See More Images Boohoo’s fall 2019 collection is officially live and waiting for you to shop. This year, the AW19 collection is styled by Danielle Bernstein, founder of the fashion blog and brand We Wore What. Boohoo X Danielle Bernstein’s Fall 2019 drop features a range of budget-friendly pieces, from checked wide legs […]

WMBW Travels – London With Virgin Atlantic – what my boyfriend wore


This post will not be your usual “look how cool London is” kind of travel post. Not because London isn’t cool, London is cool AF.  Much like Tokyo, Paris and NY, you can bet your bottom dollar (or pound sterling, I guess) that London will deliver on all your expectations! If it’s red buses, red […]

Dressiquette – Your Socks Should Match Your Pants – what my boyfriend wore


Weirdly enough, there is a lot of debate out there regarding whether your socks should match your shoes, or whether they should, in fact, match your pants. Now, before we get started, I know there is a lot of leeway when it comes to choosing a pair of socks. Some gents choose to shoot the […]

Meryl Streep Wore a Givenchy Gown on ‘The Laundromat’ Red Carpet (!!)

Meryl Streep

There’s no denying that everything Meryl Streep does is absolutely iconic. Just when we all think the actress can’t get any better or produce a performance more incredible than her last, she goes above and beyond everyone’s expectations—and frankly, this includes her red carpet looks. At the premiere of The Laundromat, Meryl Streep stepped out […]

Blac Chyna Wore Kylie Jenner’s Pink Feathery Bday Dress to VMAs

Getty Composite Blac Chyna might have ruffled a few feathers with her wardrobe choice at the MTV VMAs … because Kylie Jenner just wore it a couple weeks ago. Chyna opted for a hot pink feathered mini dress for the awards show Monday night, which would normally be no biggie … except for the fact […]

29 Of the Best Outfits Princess Diana Ever Wore

Scroll To See More Images It’s no secret that Princess Diana was a major style icon—and remains one to this day. Her style influenced onlookers in the 1980s and 1990s, and continues to be an inspiration to fashionistas long after her tragic death. I mean, it’s 2019, and I’m out here perusing all the best […]

WMBW Eats – Golden Union Fish and Chips – what my boyfriend wore


Despite being filled with Michelin star restaurants I think it’s safe to say that with names like ‘Toad In The Hole’ or ‘Bubble and Squeak’, British cuisine has never really taken off! There is however an exception to the rule! A simple dish of fried fish and potatoes proved to be so deliciously popular that […]

WMBW Fit at 40 with The Arrow Club – Powered by Adidas – Part 3 – what my boyfriend wore


They say a little progress each day adds up to big results. Now, I’m not sure who ‘they’ are or which one of ‘them’ said it, but it feels like an appropriate thing to say at the end of this body transformation journey with The Arrow Club. For those of you who’ve been following along […]

Dressiquette – Tie Bars Sit Between the 3rd & 4th Button – what my boyfriend wore


Here’s another update on a Dressiquette post that is now over 7 years old – Not that the ruling on where to wear your tie bar has changed but it would seem, however, that either A: No one read the original post or B: Everyone has read it but is choosing to ignore it. Tie […]

WMBW Drinks – Winter Gin & Tonic – what my boyfriend wore


Ahh, the humble G&T. There are few cocktails as simple and satisfying as the perfect pairing of Gin and Tonic. We all fell in love with it the moment we mixed one up for Nana and snuck a sip in the process – Kids will be kids, I guess. Turns out though, that the G&T […]