Cheryl ‘ready to co-parent son Bear with ex Liam Payne’ – Music News

Cheryl is keen to co-parent son Bear with her ex boyfriend Liam Payne, a source close to the former couple has claimed.

The Fight For This Love hitmaker dated Liam, 25, between 2016 and 2018, and during that time they welcomed their little one.

While the pair remain separated, a source has claimed that the 35-year-old singer is keen to stay close to her ex for the benefit of their son.

“Cheryl grew up with divorced parents, who she rarely saw together, and her childhood was very much split between the two,” the insider told Britain’s Closer magazine. “She doesn’t want that kind of pain for Bear when he grows up. She wants him to see as much of his dad as possible.”

They went on to reveal that Cheryl has been making a particular effort to ensure that Liam, who is said to be dating 48-year-old Naomi Campbell, is involved in their son’s life.

She even reportedly moved Bear’s second birthday celebrations so that the One Direction star wouldn’t miss them because of his work commitments.

The former Girls Aloud star was spotted cosying up with the X Factor alumnus at the Global Awards ceremony earlier this month (Mar19), and it has been reported that Cheryl plans to travel more with Liam to ensure that the family unit remains close.

“Cheryl wants to travel more to Liam’s gigs with Bear and go to as many red carpet events with him as she can, to ensure their son grows up watching his parents share that close bond,” the source continued.

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