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Metallic Bathing Suits Trend 2019 | 17 Swimsuits to Shop

Scroll To See More Images I’ve never really been a bathing suit person. My swimwear rotation has typically involved a single one-piece and a single bikini—maybe a bikini with two different top options. Call me a minimalist, or a realist, or what-have-you. I’ve long kept my bathing suit arsenal pretty pared down, which has left […]

Dainty Jewelry Trend 2019 | 26 Delicate Jewelry Pieces to Shop

Scroll To See More Images I’ve never been a big Jewelry Person. Or at least, I didn’t grow up to be a big Jewelry Person after a middle and high school career filled with chokers, dangly earrings and really just a lot of costume jewelry from Charming Charlie. (For anyone who grew up without a […]

BTS Released New Details About Their “Magic Shop” Muster Event & Wow


BTS has proven time and time again that they love to have fun (while simultaneously breaking music records. Casual). The boy band is super tight-knit, and fans are truly obsessed with their bond and tunes. BTS revealed the poster for their “Muster” magic shop event, and their expressions are identical to what we assume all […]

Best Summer Booties 2019 | 59 Pairs to Shop

Scroll To See More Images Say the phrase “summer shoes,” and visions of sandals, stilettos and other strappy delights undoubtedly dance ’round your head. But the truth of the summer footwear landscape is that it’s far more varied than you’d expect—close-toed shoes abound. And with cute summer booties at the helm, it’s pretty hard to […]

Sheer Clothes | 5 Ways to Shop & Style Summer’s Most Translucent Trend

Scroll To See More Images There’s usually a certain *~vibe~* attached to wearing sheer clothing, and to be frank, it’s not one I’d really consider sporting on the daily. Sheer clothing reminds me of teenagers sneaking into bars and T-shirts worn so thin they’ve become translucent. These clothes aren’t opaque enough to wear to the […]

Topshop’s Summer Sale Is Massive—Here’s How to Shop It

Scroll To See More Images As the weather continues to get hotter, so do the deals, baby! You’re going want to drop whatever you’re doing right now and head to Topshop’s website, because the brand is giving us a true *gift*. Topshop’s summer 2019 sale is so hot, I’m going to need someone to hand me […]

Best Neon Clothes 2019 | 49 Vibrant Pieces to Shop

Scroll To See More Images Summer is always about saturated shades. Autumn and winter are strictly neutrals seasons, and spring is sprinkled with pastels. But summer—summer is when we pump up the pigment in our wardrobes. And summer 2019’s neon clothes obsession promises to take this tonal tradition to a whole new level. We’d be remiss […]

Fruit Jewelry Trend 2019 | 51 Pieces to Shop

Scroll To See More Images In 2018, we collectively decided that wearing faces on our heads was a good idea. In 2019, we’ve decided to let our diets drip from our ears, drape along our necklines and line our wrists, instead. Fruit jewelry has taken the accessories zeitgeist by storm—a decidedly less strange movement than last […]

Best Straw Bags 2019 | 53 Summer Bags to Shop

Scroll To See More Images Few things feel as quintessentially summer as the go-to straw bag. Endlessly classic, straw bags have earned a spot on every summer shopping list—and with good reason. They’re as fit for a day at the park as they are for a trip to the office, and they’re as convenient as […]

Summer Sequins Trend 2019 | 39 Sparkly Items to Shop

Scroll To See More Images For too long, we’ve collectively restricted our sparkliest ensembles for special occasions. Sequins are for birthdays, holidays and New Year’s Eves only; they are never to see the light of day, and certainly not to see the light of night unless that night is designated as some kind of Big Deal. […]