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Zara’s Cyber Monday Sale 2019: 11 Pieces to Shop Now

Scroll To See More Images Ah, Zara—the retail company with all the trends and all my money. The brand’s Black Friday sale has already taken most of my paycheck, but for Cyber Monday, Zara is amping up the sales again. I guess my rent just won’t get paid this month, because all my cash is going […]

Zara’s Black Friday 2019 Sale Is Going to be Huge—Shop Early Access

Scroll To See More Images Take a deep breath—Zara’s Black Friday 2019 sale is right around the corner, and oh boy, is it going to be a hell of a time. I mean, even the fashion retailer’s regular, non-Black Friday sales often get intense (with discounted items legit disappearing from your online shopping cart if you’re […]

Zara’s New Fall/Winter 2019 Collection Looks Like Gucci & I’m Not Mad

Scroll To See More Images Welp, Zara has done it again. And by it, I mean drop new Zara items that I must absolutely buy right friggin’ now or else I will combust. I know I sound dramatic and all, but Zara’s Fall/Winter 2019 collection just launched this week—and it’s giving me major Gucci vibes. And let me tell […]

Zara’s Best Sellers Are So On-Trend This Fall 2019

Scroll To See More Images Zara is back at it again with the must-have fall wardrobe essentials—and my bank account is screaming. Listen: When I get bored, I like to browse the fashion retailer’s site, and it’s not my fault if they keep coming out with these super chic styles that challenge my low self […]

Zara’s Best New Items This Week (September 24, 2019)

Scroll To See More Images Given my current bank statement, I certainly have no business shopping right now. And yet, here I am, just scrolling through Zara’s latest drop and adding styles to my virtual shopping cart as if I know no fear, as if my credit card statement knows no bounds. You see, the […]

Zara’s Best New Fall 2019 Arrivals to Shop This Week

Scroll To See More Images There’s absolutely nothing I love more than fall freakin’ fashion (except, like, my parents, I guess). Sweaters, jackets, autumnal colors—give it all to me in spades, even if the weather has yet to make it appropriate sweater-wearing temperatures. Although it still technically feels like summer outside, it’s fall in my heart, […]

Zara Fall Boots 2019: Best Fall Boots from Zara’s Fall 2019 Collection

Scroll To See More Images New season, new shoes—that’s the saying, right? (Someone please validate my unnecessary purchases.) Summer may not officially be over until September 23, but fall is here, my friends, and I am imploring you to give into all that retail lust and shop for a whole new fall wardrobe—starting with a […]

Zara’s Second (Yes, Second) Summer 2019 Collection Is Here

Scroll To See More Images Many moons ago, Zara released its summer 2019 collection. The line was full of bright colors, bold prints and eye-catching trends. (In other words, it was exactly what you’d expect Zara’s summer 2019 collection to be.) But. BUT. The brand just surprised us with a midsummer treat—a second summer 2019 […]

Zara’s Summer Sale Is Officially Here | 101 Items Worth Shopping

Scroll To See More Images Drop what you’re doing, because Zara’s summer 2019 sale is finally here. Here’s the deal: Zara hosts massive semiannual sales every couple seasons. These sales are typically site-wide—meaning every single item on the Zara website is discounted. The items get listed at deeper and deeper discounts until they sell out […]

Zara’s Must-See Military-Inspired SRPLS Collection

Scroll To See More Images It’s no secret that the utility trend is super hot right now, and now it’s officially warm-weather approved. Zara’s 2019 SRPLS collection is full of military-inspired pieces that are ready for all your favorite summer activities. If you’ve been wanting to try the utility trend for spring and summer 2019, […]