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Fans Donate $30k to SFA Hero Nate Bain After Duke Win, Home Wrecked In Hurricane

Exclusive Details AP 7:45 AM PT — As for the NCAA’s involvement, one source tells us the NCAA allows schools to conduct fundraisers for student-athletes and their families, “for extreme circumstances that are extraordinary and outside the student-athlete’s control (like natural disasters).” We’re also told, “The proceeds may go directly to the student-athlete and his […]

LisaRaye McCoy, Nicole Murphy Wrecked My Marriage, Nicole Denies It

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Nicole Murphy trying to steal away married men from their wives is nothing new — so says LisaRaye McCoy, who claims to have personal experience with her … but NM’s calling BS, denying all of it. We got the ‘Players Club’ actress Wednesday in L.A. — shortly after Nicole issued […]

Jason Pierre-Paul Wrecked Car Was $350k Ferrari, Officials Blamed Weather

Jason Pierre-Paul Wrecked Car Was $350k Ferrari … Officials Blamed Weather 5/9/2019 6:04 AM PDT Breaking News Jason Pierre-Paul was behind the wheel of $350,000 Ferrari when he crashed into a concrete barrier on May 2 … this according to the crash report obtained by TMZ Sports.Β  The Florida Highway Patrol states JPP was driving […]

Terrance Williams’ Wrecked Lambo Hits Auction Block, Still Wrecked

NFL’s Terrance Williams Wrecked Lambo Hits Auction Block … Still Wrecked!!! 4/25/2019 12:10 AM PDT EXCLUSIVE Ex-Dallas Cowboys WR Terrance Williams NEVER fixed up the expensive Lamborghini that he wrecked in Texas last year … and now the smashed up supercar is up for auction at a HUGE discount!!! Remember, back in May 2018 … […]