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Target Sued, Man Claims Hand Sanitizer Won’t Kill Coronavirus

Exclusive Target has a target on its back, legally speaking … the retail giant is being sued over the effectiveness — or lack thereof — of its store-brand hand sanitizer to combat coronavirus. A man named Mardig Taslakian from Los Angeles filed a class-action lawsuit against Target and its super popular store brand, Up&Up, claiming […]

Buccaneers Probably Won’t Be Signing Antonio Brown

NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown will likely not be signing with the Buccaneers, despite rumors that he would be following Tom Brady to the Tampa Bay team. “No, there’s definitely some sense that Tom Brady would want to bring Antonio Brown with him,” NFL insider Rapoport said on Free Agency Frenzy. “This from some of […]

Every TV Season Cut Short Due to Coronavirus — These Shows Won’t Be Coming Back

At this point, it’s basically every reality and scripted television that’s been impacted by the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, but now some productions are taking things a step further and deciding that they will not be returning this season at all. While there are shows that premiere year-round now, there are still many networks and series […]

Stedman Graham Says Oprah Got Barack Obama Elected But Won’t Be Anyone’s VP

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Oprah‘s longtime partner, Stedman Graham, says Barack Obama owes his presidency to O — so she’s got political clout, but she’s not about to be a running mate for either Democratic candidate. We got Stedman in our nation’s capital Tuesday afternoon and asked if Oprah should hop on the ticket […]

Harvey Weinstein’s Attorney’s Say He Won’t Survive 5 Years In Prison

Harvey Weinstein’s attorney’s are trying every trick in the book to get the disgraced director a shorter sentence — and now they reckon that his health is so poor that he would not survive five years in prison. “The grave reality is that Mr. Weinstein may not even outlive that term,” the attorneys wrote in […]

Yungblud Won’t Cancel Music Festival Gigs or Concerts Over Coronavirus

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Yungblud isn’t ready to hit the panic button over coronavirus and pull the plug on upcoming gigs — including a couple at Coachella — but the decision might soon be out of his hands. The British rocker was out at the L.A. Zoo Sunday for an Australian wildfire event, and […]

LeBron James Won’t Play If NBA Games Go Fan-Less Amid Coronavirus

Breaking News Getty LeBron James says he’ll be parking it if the NBA bans fans from the games amid growing fears of the coronavirus — which might become a reality sooner than later. LBJ said it clear as day to reporters in the locker room Friday night after his and the Lakers’ thunderous win over […]

Eva Mendes Tells Fans Why They Won’t See Ryan Gosling on Her Instagram Page

Ryan Gosling may be a big movie star whose face adorns movies and television screens, billboards, posters and magazine covers, but there’s one place you won’t find him and that’s on Eva Mendes’ social media feeds. The actress, who has been dating Gosling since 2011 and shares two children with him, broke it down for […]

Hillary Clinton Won’t Endorse Biden Yet, Still No Bernie Love Either

Mega Hillary Clinton is at our doorstep once again — but she’s still sitting on a fence politically … not quite ready to endorse Joe Biden, and per usual, taking shots at Bernie Sanders. The former Secretary of State walked into the ABC Studios Tuesday in NYC, where she was set to plug the new […]

Megan Thee Stallion Says Label Won’t Let Her Release Music: ‘It’s Really A Greedy Game!!’

Rapper Megan Thee Stallion had a lot to get off her chest on Sunday and hit her social media to share with her fans that one of the independent labels that she is signed to, 1501 Entertainment, will not allow her to release any music. According to Meg, it’s all about greed. The rapper shared […]