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Faux Fur Coats on Sale Right Now to Take You Through Next Winter

Fashion Faux Fur Coats on Sale Right Now to Take You Through Next Winter The way to looking like a million bucks without actually shelling out a million. by Kames Narayanan | February 10, 2020 To quote the late Karl Lagerfeld, you cannot fake chic but you can be chic in fake fur. Up until […]

#GWCstyle Winter 2020 Edition

GWC style Winter 2020 Edition #plussizefashion #curvyfashion #curvyconfidence #bopo #girlwithcurves

Of everything I enjoy about my job, what I love the MOST is seeing how you all wearing Girl With Curves collection your way! Here are some recent #GWCstyle looks, worn by gorgeous girls with curves of all shapes and sizes:       Source link

4 Winter Outfits That Make the Case for Underwear as Outerwear

Scroll To See More Images Fashion is at its best when everybody’s having fun. This is especially true during the winter, when even stepping foot outdoors can feel like a chore—and when practical concerns quash every ounce of sartorial whimsy within us. There’s a certain kind of soulless monotony that defines the season. Crafting all-black-everything […]

Moisturizers for Itchy Skin Recommended by Experts For Winter 2020

Scroll To See More Images It’s truly survival season for our skin whenever temperatures drop. Besides the fact that it’s cold outside–an understatement on some days–we’re also shuffling in and out of buildings with artificial heat. Now our skin’s confused and reacting on the fly. More often than not, that leaves us scrambling for products, […]

Winter Skin Care Tips From a Top Celebrity Facialist to Try in 2020

pure humidifier 6 Things a Top Celebrity Facialist Wants You to Know About Winter Skincare

The holiday season is a distant memory and spring is still months away, which means we’re knee-deep into the winter season and our skin is feeling the effects. We’re either dry beyond belief or trying to figure out how to re-balance our oily skin without looking greasy. The cold, hard truth is that unless you’ve […]

The Marc Fisher Izzie Winter Boot Is a Must-Have Cold-Weather Shoe

Scroll To See More Images Whether you have a long commute to work that involves a lot of walking, your feet are just always cold or you pride yourself in keeping up with the latest trends, one thing’s for sure: We’re all looking for the one—and I don’t mean soulmate. I’m talking about the most stylish, […]

Zara’s Winter Sale 2020: 15 Trendy Pieces to Shop Now

Scroll To See More Images Although for many of us the weather is still bone-chillingly freezing, the deals from end-of-season sales are seriously heating up. Retailers are beginning to shell out their new collections and seasonal garb, which means we get to snag clothes and accessories for a fraction of their original price. It’s a […]

Winter Drink Ideas From Pinterest: We Tried Them So You Don’t Have To

Scroll To See More Images You know when you see a perfectly frosted cupcake—or, say, an intricate winter drink idea from Pinterest—and, for just a second, you think, I bet if I really applied myself I could end up making something that looks that nice? I believe that when President Barrack H. Obama coined the […]

Constace Wu’s Winter Street Style Outfit Is Mod Meets Modern

Scroll To See More Images Recently, I’ve been binge-watching Fresh Off the Boat, so Constance Wu has been at the forefront of my mind (and on my TV screen). And while I’ve been more aware of her presence lately, this doesn’t negate the fact that her most recent ensemble is pure trendy gold. Constance Wu’s […]

17 Winter Vegetable Recipes That Will Make You Feel Great This Season

Scroll To See More Images It’s the beginning of January, which means everyone is on the hunt for winter vegetable recipes that taste as amazing as they make you feel. And it makes sense: The holiday season is all about celebrating with rich and delicious foods, so it’s natural to yearn for some extra veggies […]