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Is The Chanel Runwayโ€™s White Tights Trend Wearable IRL? I Tried It Out

Scroll To See More Images If youโ€™re like me, white tights bring to mind a few very specific memories, including ballet class at age five and the 2000s queen of tights herself, Gossip Girlโ€™s Blair Waldorf. That said, when I saw them all over the runway at Chanelโ€™s Spring 2020 fashion show, I was immediately […]

Diptyque Wearable Fragrances Collection Is a New Way to Wear Your Favorite Scent

diptyque boite bracelet Diptyque Wants You to Wear Its New Fragrance in a Totally Different Way

If you come up with an idea in middle school, you should maybe patent it. Trust me. Because I might have invented Diptyqueโ€™s Wearable Fragrances Collection all the way back in 1999. Iโ€™m joking of course, but I really did make wearable perfume for the school science fair. Sure, everyone else was designing robots or […]