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Best Summer Jackets 2019 | 47 Ways to Shop the Underrated Must-Have

Scroll To See More Images Look, I know summer isn’t exactly jacket season, but anyone who’s spent more than a moment indoors this season understands how vital summer jackets actually are. Because while it’s decidedly hot as balls outside, it’s absolutely frigid indoors. Air conditioning is a beautiful thing—unless you inhabit a space where someone […]

101 Ways to Style a Plain White Tee

Scroll To See More Images There’s a huge chance that somewhere lurking in your closet or dresser is a plain white tee. You may have bought it long ago to try and tie-dye (and then forgot) or it was part of a pack of tees, and you just stuck the white one in your drawer, unsure […]

5 Ways to Steal Demi Lovato’s Trendy Neon Jacket Look

Scroll To See More Images Alright, friends, consider this your official excuse to hop on the neon trend train for summer. I know so many people who are skeptical about rocking bold neon pieces, but once you see it in action—and on your fave celebrity—it’s easy to see exactly why neon is so hot right now. […]

Summer 2019 Fringe Clothing Trend | 41 Ways to Get the Look

Scroll To See More Images I’m unclear on where summer 2019’s fringe clothing trend came from. In some ways, it feels reminiscent of last year’s infatuation with Western styles. Everything from our boots to our button-downs felt decidedly cowboy-worthy—and fringe does, too. In other ways, though, it speaks to summer’s consistent bohemian aesthetic. Fringe details […]

Sheer Clothes | 5 Ways to Shop & Style Summer’s Most Translucent Trend

Scroll To See More Images There’s usually a certain *~vibe~* attached to wearing sheer clothing, and to be frank, it’s not one I’d really consider sporting on the daily. Sheer clothing reminds me of teenagers sneaking into bars and T-shirts worn so thin they’ve become translucent. These clothes aren’t opaque enough to wear to the […]

5 Ways to Copy Kourtney Kardashian’s Boss Bitch Pantsuit Look

Scroll To See More Images OK, for the sake of transparency, I’ll let you know that I do not work in a physical office. My office is my apartment, and my work wardrobe consists mainly of leggings and crop tops (for ~comfort~). I love a good power suit, though, and the pantsuit that Kourtney Kardashian wore on […]

DIY Ways to Remove Self Tanner

self tanners 9 Expert Approved, DIY Ways to Remove That Self Tanner You Went Overboard With

When it comes to getting your glow on, nothing is better—and safer—than a little self-tanner. A golden or bronze complexion in a bottle? Sign us up. The trouble is that sometimes your application process doesn’t go as smoothly as expected, leaving you with streaks, uneven application or too deep/dark of a hue. And now you need […]

Pinch-Waist Jeans Trend 2019 | 9 Ways to Shop the Look

Scroll To See More Images When it comes to denim trends, rises continue to get higher and higher. While lengths of nine inches and over (from inseam to waistline) are considered “high-waisted,” a crop of even higher waistlines (we’re talking 12.5 inches, here) has begun to pervade the zeitgeist. AGOLDE denim’s “pinch-waist jeans” are a […]

Celeb-Approved Ways to Wear Cornrows All Summer Long

Scroll To See More Images There are innumerable ways to fashion braids. You can double them up for French braids, twist them into tiny micros, or wear jumbo-size ones. But for black women, no style is more classic than cornrows. They’re a go-to style that suits various lengths and textures, and it’s one of the few […]

Summer 2019 Color Trends and 27 Ways to Shop Them

Scroll To See More Images Summer is just around the corner (if you can believe it), and I’m slowly attempting to get my wardrobe ready for the change in season. We’re really just getting deep into spring, but the fashion world works ahead of Mother Nature, it seems. After talking to fashion experts—Lisa Lam from […]