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Revolve’s Black Friday 2019 Sale and All the Ways to Shop It

Scroll To See More Images A good man—er, I mean sale—is hard to find, especially when it comes to designer clothing and accessories. Luckily for all you bargain hunting fashionistas out there, the Revolve Black Friday 2019 deals are sure to help you on your search for the perfect designer look. Because there are so […]

5 Ways to Temporarily Color Your Hair for Halloween

manic panic dye hard amazon 5 No Commitment Ways to Change Your Hair Color for Halloween

For some of us, changing hair color is a way of life. We’ll boldly go brunette, then blonde, then silver… and then back to blonde again. But there’s just something about the bright colors we sometimes need to use to get our Halloween costumes just right that give us pause. Sure, it’s tempting to say […]

5 Easy Ways to Decorate a Small Bedroom and Make It Feel Like Home

Scroll To See More Images While there are way too many throw pillows embroidered with “Home is where the heart is,” the truth of the matter is this: Home is where all my random shit is. And if there’s no space to store all my clothes, art, books, furniture, etc., I don’t know how I’m […]

5 Easy Ways to Make Heels More Comfortable

Dr Scholl

Any die-hard accessory fan knows no outfit is complete without a solid pair of shoes—and usually, that solid pair of shoes involves some kind of high heel. Sure, heels can be tedious, frustrating and worst of all, painful, but who can resist strappy stilettos that magically pair well with everything? We know we can’t, and we […]

Cris Cyborg Signs with Bellator After Parting Ways with UFC

Breaking News TMZ.com Cris Cyborg has found a new home — the MMA superstar has signed with Bellator after parting ways with UFC. “Hey Cyborg Nation fans, I’m very excited to announce that I’m going to be partnering with Scott Coker and Viacom — I’ll be fighting Bellator,” the fighting legend says. “And, you guys […]

29 Ways to Wear a Slinky Slip Dress, According to Street Style

Scroll To See More Images Ah, the slip dress: a ’90s trend come back to haunt me in 2019. I don’t actually have anything against the slip dress, but I’ve always had trouble figuring out ways to wear one that didn’t make me feel like I was a) walking around naked or b) wearing pajamas outside […]

The Fall 2019 Boot Trends—Plus, 18 Ways to Shop Them Right Now

Scroll To See More Images Fall is quickly approaching (although the weather does not feel like it’ll cool off any time soon) and that means one thing in terms of footwear: the resurgence of fall booties. One of the best parts about autumn is the roster of fall fashion trends. And, along with cozy sweaters, booties […]

Fall 2019 Outerwear Trends—and Ways to Shop Them All

Scroll To See More Images It may not feel like the weather is cooling off any time soon (Fall doesn’t officially start until September 23, so be patient!), but eventually we’ll all be feeling that chill in the air. When that time comes, you’re going to want to be prepared with the cutest outerwear. Luckily, […]

Animal Print Outfits: How to Wear Summer Animal Prints 5 Ways

Scroll To See More Images There are two phrases that, if uttered in the same sentence, sound absolutely wrong. “Summer outfits” and “animal prints.” Styling animal prints is a delicate art—one that tends to work best during the calendar’s coldest months, when you can mellow out your animal print with a bunch of black layers. Summer […]

Best Summer Jackets 2019 | 47 Ways to Shop the Underrated Must-Have

Scroll To See More Images Look, I know summer isn’t exactly jacket season, but anyone who’s spent more than a moment indoors this season understands how vital summer jackets actually are. Because while it’s decidedly hot as balls outside, it’s absolutely frigid indoors. Air conditioning is a beautiful thing—unless you inhabit a space where someone […]