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Best Eczema Body Wash Products for a More Relaxing Shower

aveeno daily moisturizing body wash

Those with eczema know the drill. The red, itchy skin condition is common but can be pretty miserable. And all the extra showering and hand washing we’re doing can make matters worth. We rounded up the best eczema body wash that’ll help soothe skin when inflammation flares up. Whether you have rashes and scaly skin […]

How to Wash Wigs at Home When You Hair Stops Looking Fresh

How to Wash Wigs at Home

Few feelings match the euphoria of getting a new wig or set of extensions in the mail. A mere five minutes after confirming the online order, you’ve already refreshed your inbox multiple times in anticipation of a tracking number for your new bundles. Finally, you get them and flaunt your new ‘do for a bit […]

The Best ACV Shampoo Because You’re Probably Skipping Some Wash Days

acv sephora shampoo

It’s long been known that apple cider vinegar can be magic for your hair, balancing out its natural PH, and closing up the cuticles resulting in serious shine. You can DIY a hair mask at home, or you can shop the best apple cider vinegar shampoo out there because really, it’s a lot easier. Not […]

The Wash Your Lyrics Generator Lets You Scrub to Your Favorite Song

Scroll To See More Images The number of times I’ve been reminded to wash my hands (for 20 seconds!) could easily be turned into a very successful drinking game—but it’s still an important reminder. With fear striking the hearts of most of the world right now, it’s necessary that we take precautions like social distancing […]

Best Moisturizing Hand Wash To Ward Off Dryness and Flaking in 2020

Scroll To See More Images With the coronavirus disease officially deemed a pandemic by the World Health Organization, now’s the time to up your hand washing game (at least 20 seconds people!). That’s why we rounded up the best moisturizing hand wash to help keep you healthy but also your hands from feeling like sandpaper. […]

The Real’s Adrienne Bailon: I Don’t Wash Hands After Using Bathroom


The Real’s host Adrienne Bailon is making news today, after she revealed to the audience that she doesn’t wash her hands after going to the bathroom. According to Adrienne, she doesn’t wash her hands for either a number one or a number two, so long as she’s in her home. Adrienne seemed perplexed when her […]

Scott Disick Selling ‘Wash Your Hands’ Apparel Amid Coronavirus Scare

Scott Disick’s fashion brand released a line of clothing on Friday which appears to be in response to the coronavirus outbreak. The “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star is the founder and creative director of Talentless, which is selling T-shirts and hoodies that feature the phrase “Please Wash Your Hands” written in bold letters. “Just […]

This Nordstrom & Wash Lab Denim Shirtdress Is the Perfect Spring Look

Scroll To See More Images Although it may feel as if winter will be here forever—Even Los Angeles isn’t having pool-ready weather as of late—spring and summer will eventually be upon us, and I, for one, am already planning my outfits. If there’s one thing every closet needs, it’s a warm weather staple piece that […]