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Natural Hair Holiday Gifts 2019 For Making Wash Day Dreams Come True

Scroll To See More Images As a curly girl myself, I can confirm that maintaining naturally curly strands is both a blessing and a curse. Hear me out. Sure, there is always someone with a lovely compliment and/or grilling sesh about how in the world I keep it all in check (FYI–I never wake up […]

Styling Products for Natural Hair That Make In-Between Wash Days Easier

Scroll To See More Images There’s much to celebrate and much to complain about when you’re on a natural hair journey. Thankfully, the pros always outweigh the cons. For one, you’ve got hair that can be effortlessly manipulated into a myriad of styles. Plus the natural hair community is so saturated with bloggers and vloggers […]

Eczema Body Wash That Promises Not to Irritate Dry Sensitive Skin

Scroll To See More Images Anyone who swears by morning showers knows that a body wash can actually affect your day, depending on which side of the bed you woke upon. Hear me out for a second. Think about it: if you’re nursing a hangover, that shower gel with a ridiculously strong scent can leave […]

Best Smelling Shower Gel β€” Great Smelling Body Wash – Hollywood Life

You know that euphoric feeling when you find a beauty product that changes your life? I just found one. I’ve been a beauty editor for a decade, so it takes something special to catch my eye. Enter the Spongelle Body Wash Infused Buffer. Just as the name suggests, this super cute sponge actually contains body […]

How to Wash Fine Hair According to a Salon Pro

Model Skin.

There’s a handful of things that you just have no control overβ€”and the way your hair, in its most natural state, decides to grow is one of them. I, having a not-so-full head of hair, understand that being born with fine hair comes with a list of limitations and insecurities. However, those of us cursed […]

Leonard Fournette Gets Slap on the Wrist In Car Wash Arrest Case

Leonard Fournette Gets Slap on the Wrist In Car Wash Arrest Case 5/20/2019 12:15 PM PDT EXCLUSIVE Leonard Fournette‘s car troubles seem to be officially behind him … the Jaguars star just copped a plea deal in his car wash arrest case — and he won’t have to spend any time behind bars for the […]

Natural Hair Scalp Products That Make Wash Day Easier

Scroll To See More Images As someone who has both big chopped and had very long hair, I can say with wholehearted confidence that wash day is never short. Though many describe it as some sort of relaxing, self-care activity, I view it as unavoidable self-maintenance that requires multiple, time-consuming steps. At the same time, […]