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Donald Trump Talks Culture War as Mt. Rushmore Crowd Exposed to Coronavirus

Donald Trump‘s idea of a 4th of July celebration was igniting a culture war, as 7,500 of his followers exposed themselves to a massive, coronavirus outbreak. Check out the crowd at Mount Rushmore … ZERO social distancing, per the Governor herself, who believes crowding together is a symbol of freedom. In fact, the chairs were […]

Meghan McCain Explains ‘War Zone’ Tweet After Being Called Out By Neighbor

Her update comes after her neighbor called her out on Twitter, saying everything was “fine.” Meghan McCain is speaking out after a neighbor fact-checked her on one of her tweets comparing their street to a “war zone” amid Black Lives Matter protests in New York City. Now, it sounds like “The View” cohost didn’t actually […]

NeNe Goes To War With Eva And Kenya

The women all came for NeNe, her comments about Kenya’s daughter and her friendship with Wendy Williams. Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, this season’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion filmed via video conference — but even that didn’t stop one cast member from doing a virtual version of a walk-off. Comparing the setup to a […]

Winners at War Recap Season 40, Episode 12:

After orchestrating last week’s epic blindside, Kim starts to rally the troops against the man she believes is running the whole show — and she’s not wrong. Kim is one of the smartest players to ever set foot on the island, and she’s been keenly observant of every relationship and every move on “Survivor: Winners […]

Elizabeth Warren’s Oldest Brother, War Vet Dead from Coronavirus

Breaking News Elizabeth Warren‘s 86-year-old brother has died just weeks after contracting COVID-19. Don Reed Herring — a 20-year U.S. Air Force veteran who served nearly 6 years in Vietnam — died Tuesday night in Norman, Oklahoma. The former presidential candidate touted her big bro’s military credentials saying, “He joined the Air Force at 19 […]

Survivor: Winners at War Recap Season 40, Episode 11: One Player Flips Game Upside Down

Once again, we witnessed the power of one player in a mind-blowing hour of “Survivor: Winners at War.” These are elite players, all of them. Each of them has earned their spot among the best of the best and they continue to prove it. Just as Denise took the reins of the game on the […]

Survivor: Winners at War Recap Season 40, Episode 10: Epic Loved Ones Visit, Epic Blindside

Jeff Probst wasn’t kidding in the beginning of the season when he said that “Survivor: Winners at War” may be the best season of “Survivor” we’ve ever seen. There are still nine people in the game after tonight’s episode and we are seeing incredible gameplay, strategy, complexity and insanity every. Single. Week! This week in […]

Survivor: Winners at War Recap Season 40, Episode 9: Kindness to Total Chaos

There have always been wild and crazy days in “Survivor,” but there has never been anything like what went down on Day 23 of “Winners at War.” There’s scrambling, there’s shifting strategies and then there is total pandemonium. It was a chaos so complete that it took just the tiniest spark for it to erupt […]

Vin Scully Gives Pump-Up Speech Amid COVID-19 War, We’ll Unleash The Tiger!

Play video content Breaking News Vin Scully is GUARAN-DAMN-TEEING America will win its battle with COVID-19 … saying he’s seen the U.S. battle back from far worse issues in the past — like World War II. “I’ve seen this country — the greatest country on Earth — get off its knees, literally and figuratively,” the […]

Survivor: Winners at War Recap Season 40, Episode 7: Brutally Close Loss Devastates One of Game’s Best

It was a big night on “Survivor: Winners at War,” and the biggest news wasn’t even the fact that we finally saw the very first person leave the game … for good! It probably should have come as no surprise that Sandra had no interest in playing this game from Edge of Extinction, a land […]