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Elton John Stops Concert Due to Walking Pneumonia

Play video content Elton John struggled to power through his performance Saturday night, but eventually, he was forced to throw in the towel due to a bad case of walking pneumonia. Sir Elton performed in Auckland and made it clear to the crowd … he was hurting. Nevertheless, he performed until he couldn’t. He had […]

‘Walking Dead’ Actor Josh Turner Busted in Tennessee On Warrant

Breaking News Newport Police Dept Josh Turner — famous for his work on “The Walking Dead” Β — is behind bars in Tennessee after getting busted on an out of state warrant. The actor was busted Wednesday night in Newport, Tenn. on an outstanding warrant from Oregon for an alleged assault … this according to the […]

Lana Condor Was Told to Be Like β€˜Walking Anime’ in an Audition

Lana Condor for StyleCaster

Before her success in To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Lana Condor was asked to be β€œwalking anime” in an audition. For her StyleCaster Self-Love issue cover story, Condor, 22, opened up about the stereotypical roles she’s auditioned for, which include nail salon workers and characters with heavy accents. She also recalls a casting […]

‘Walking Dead’ Actress Vanessa Cloke Arrested as Ex-Boyfriend Moves Out

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Vanessa Cloke — known for playing Anna on a seasons 6 and 7 of “The Walking Dead” — went ballistic while her ex gathered up his stuff at their apartment … and ended up getting hauled away in handcuffs. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … they were called to the […]

‘Walking Dead’ Stuntman John Bernecker Estate Awarded $8.6 Million

The family of “The Walking Dead” stuntman John Bernecker scored millions in a wrongful death lawsuit but it was significantly short of what they wanted. A jury on Thursday awarded the estate $8.6 million after 2 days of deliberations … this according to a report. AMC Networks was found NOT to be negligent, but the […]

Walking Dead Spinoff Lands Name, Trailer and Release Date

The long-awaited second spinoff to “The Walking Dead” has finally landed a title, a trailer, a tentative launch date, and a surprising connection to the larger “Walking Dead” universe. We were also introduced to the big-name star joining the series, as well as the crucial role she’ll play that may just connection “The Walking Dead: […]

The Walking Dead Kills Off Main Cast Member After Shocking Betrayal


We’re going to immediately jump into spoiler territory here, so if you haven’t watched Sunday’s new episode of “The Walking Dead” yet, you’ve been warned! Viewers said goodbye to a series regular, after a major a-ha moment led to a deadly showdown between two characters in the hour’s final moments. Yes, Siddiq (Avi Nash) is […]

Walking Dead: Negan Meets Alpha – Could Comic Book Locale Be Introduced?

The world of “The Walking Dead” is expanding yet again, as one of the final locations left to explore from the comics seems to be inching closer to its small screen debut. While a lot of tonight’s action dealt with the Whisperers and their interactions with Negan, Carol and Daryl, it’s Eugene’s storyline that could […]

Walking Dead Recap: Ezekiel and Michonne Kiss, Negan Escapes

When the first trailer for Season 10 of “The Walking Dead” dropped at Comic-Con back in July, there were two moments that had everyone talking. In one, Michonne was seen grabbing hold of Negan’s Lucille. In the other, she locked lips with Ezekiel. Tonight, we found out the story behind the latter. While the two […]

‘The Walking Dead’ Locked in Legal War With ‘The Toking Dead’

Exclusive AMC’s “The Walking Dead” is waging legal war with the creators of a comic book series … and just like the zombies at the heart of both stories, the dispute refuses to die. According to legal docs obtained by TMZ … “The Toking Dead” filed a trademark application back in August 2017, but AMC […]