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President Trump Says Most Voters Don’t Care Pete Buttigieg is Gay

Play video content Geraldo In Cleveland President Trump is NOT taking homophobic potshots at Pete Buttigieg — instead, he’s saying the Democratic candidate’s sexual preference won’t be a factor … for most Americans, anyway. The door was opened wide for POTUS to make a wisecrack about Buttigieg when he was a guest Thursday on Geraldo […]

D.L. Hughley Says Cardi B Can Win an Election Because Voters Suck

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com D.L. Hughley is throwing his hands up in disgust at the American electorate, because he begrudgingly admits Cardi B could win office if she’s serious about politics. It’s no secret the comedian isn’t a fan of President Trump and told us the fact America elected a “game show host for […]