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Whoopi Goldberg Skips ‘The View’ & Is Consulting With Doctor

Whoopi Goldberg had reportedly skipped out on hosting The View to consult with her doctor about how to move forward amid all the coronavirus panic. Co-host explained Goldberg’s absence to the cameras. “To be extra careful about her health, Whoopi is consulting with her doctor today,” she explained. “She wants everyone to know she feels […]

Whoopi Goldberg Sits Out The View for Doctor Checkup Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

After coming close to death from pneumonia in 2019, Whoopi Goldberg is keeping a close eye on her health amid the growing coronavirus pandemic. Usually the moderator on “The View,” Whoopi was MIA on the show Tuesday morning, where Sunny Hostin explained her absence. “To be extra careful about her health, Whoopi is consulting with […]

Joy Behar Says She’s Leaving ‘The View’ Temporarily Due To Coronavirus

Joy Behar, one of the cohosts of The View, has announced that she will be leaving the show temporarily as she is at high risk of catching the coronavirus. β€œI’m in a higher risk group because of my age, but I’m perfectly healthy,” Behar said on the show, informing them that the decision came after […]

Joy Behar Taking Leave of Absence from The View Over Coronavirus

Despite extra precautions taken at “The View” to minimize possible exposure to the COVID-19 coronavirus, Joy Behar has decided that she’d be better off staying at home, according to Variety. Consider it a preventative self-quarantine. This despite the fact that Behar is feeling perfectly fine and no one from the staff of the ABC talker […]

Meghan McCain: ‘If Whoopi Goldberg Leaves ‘The View,’ I’m Leaving Too!!’

Their on-camera fights may make headlines, but Conservative cohost Meghan McCain says that it’s all love between her and her co-stars and even threatened to walk away from the show if Whoopi Goldberg, her perceived nemesis, ever left. Weeks ago, Whoopi and Meghan were at the center of controversy after Whoopi became frustrated with her […]

12 Times The View Almost Turned Into World War III In 2019

The women of “The View” all insist they’re friends in real life, friends who go drinking together off the air and actually do get along. And while that does come through on the ABC morning show from time to time, it’s the heated debates and arguments that have really made headlines in 2019. While Joy […]

Meghan McCain Offended by Joy Behar MaGA Hat Comment on The View


A conversation about Nancy Pelosi’s fired up exchange with a reporter led to another tense moment between “The View” cohosts Meghan McCain and Joy Behar on Friday. During their Hot Topics segment, the women all talked about the House Speaker hitting back hard at reporter James Rosen after he asked if she hates President Donald […]

Donald Trump Jr.’s Explosive Interview on β€˜The View’


Donald Trump Jr. was under fire Thursday on β€œThe View.” ABC From the second he sat down with his partner and former Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle, things were explosive. Trump was there to talk about his new book β€œTriggered,” and Abby kicked off the conversation by letting him know she was triggered when he […]

Donald Trump Jr.’s Heated Rant with Joy Behar, Whoopi on ‘The View’

Play video content ABC Donald Trump Jr. didn’t hold any punches when going toe-to-toe with Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar … clapping back hard when the cohosts called out POTUS. The heated exchange went down Thursday morning on “The View” where DTJ appeared, with his GF, Kimberly Guilfoyle, to promote his new book, ‘Triggered.’ The […]