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Mike Tyson Makes Guest Wrestling Appearance at AWE Pay-Per-View

Mike Tyson showed some big-time wrestling stars who’s boss Saturday night, and even a snake couldn’t intimidate him. Iron Mike was supposed to do the honors at the AEW Double or Nothing pay-per-view by handing the winners of the title match the championship belt — he ended up doing a lot more. The match — […]

Mike Tyson Says Holyfield Rematch for Charity ‘Would Be Awesome’

Play video content Exclusive TMZSports.com Mike Tyson says he’s seriously considering a rematch with Evander Holyfield — but only because it would raise MILLIONS for people in need. “That would be awesome for charity,” Tyson said on “TMZ Live” … Can you imagine me and him going in the ring together?” Of course, 53-year-old Tyson […]

Mike Tyson Shows Off Insane Physique In Shirtless Training Vid, 6-Pack Abs!

Play video content Breaking News MIKE TYSON IS ABSOLUTELY SHREDDED NOW!!! The legendary boxer flaunted his bod in a topless workout vid Wednesday for the Chinese social media site Weibo … and the 53-year-old is jacked!!! Iron Mike showed off a set of six-pack abs, some chiseled pecs and some pumped-up biceps … and, good […]

Mike Tyson New Training Video Is Insanely Violent, ‘I’m Back!’

Play video content Breaking News MORE MIKE TYSON TRAINING VIDEO — AND GOOD LORD, HE’S GONNA MURDER SOMEBODY!! The 53-year-old legend just dropped some brand new training footage after that 5-second teaser last week … and it’s scary good. After throwing multiple ferocious combos — and putting his trainer through hell — Iron Mike looks […]

Evander Holyfield Down For 3rd Fight With Tyson, But He’s Not My 1st Choice!

Play video content Exclusive TMZSports.com HOLYFIELD-TYSON III COULD ACTUALLY HAPPEN!!! Evander tells TMZ Sports he’s down to run it back again with Iron Mike — but says a third match with Tyson ain’t his first choice for his return to the sanctioned boxing ring. “My manager, they’ve been talking and all that,” 57-year-old Holyfield tells […]

Jamie Foxx’s Impressions of Jay-Z, Chappelle & Tyson Are Too Good

Play video content How talented is Jamie Foxx? Talented enough to smoothly slip in and out of his Jay-Z, Dave Chappelle and Mike Tyson impressions … without skipping a beat. The actor/singer/comedian/all-around-renaissance-man broke down the most famous, and hilarious, voices he’s known for doing — and it’s masterful to watch. He was talking to WNBA […]

Mike Tyson Back in Boxing Gym, Terrorizes Mitts In Scary Workout Sesh

Breaking News Welp, this is frightening … 53-year-old Mike Tyson is back in boxing mode — AND HE LOOKS LIKE A KILLER!! A rep for Iron Mike confirms this footage was shot a few days ago as part of a promotional deal with Sony … but damn, HE LOOKS TERRIFYING! Just last year, Tyson told […]

Mike Tyson Says Floyd Mayweather Will Be Great Boxing Trainer, It’s His Life!

Play video content Exclusive TMZSports.com Mike Tyson says if Floyd Mayweather wants to be the best trainer alive, he’ll be the best trainer … telling TMZ Sports boxing’s Floyd’s life, and TMT will CRUSH IT on the other side of the mitts. Remember, Floyd revealed his newest passion earlier this month … saying he’s using […]

Mike Tyson Celebrates 4/20 with Wake and Bake, ‘It’s a Celebration!’

Play video content Exclusive TMZSports.com It’s 4/20 … and you’ve NEVER seen Mike Tyson this happy!! The boxing legend is now a full marijuana advocate and entrepreneur — and to celebrate the biggest weed holiday of the year, he fired up a joint and explained to TMZ Sports why the day is so important to […]

Tyson Fury Orders $700 Feast to Help Local Pizza Joint, Adds Massive Tip!

Breaking News Boxing superstar Tyson Fury wanted to help his favorite local pizza joint weather the COVID-19 storm … so he ordered $700 worth of food — and tacked on a $125 tip! Fury and his family — wife Paris and their 5 children — are shacked up at their mansion in Lancashire, England … […]