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Mug Shot Of Opera Singer Who Crashed into Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago

Exclusive The woman who crashed her Jeep into Donald Trump‘s Mar-a-Lago Club was all smiles Friday when she posed for her official mugshot and it turns out she’s an opera singer. Hannah Roemhild is currently in custody on both federal and state charges, after getting behind the wheel of her jeep and crashing through 2 […]

Shots Fired at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago During Car Chase

Breaking News WPTV Gunshots rang out at Donald Trump‘s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida when an SUV led authorities on a wild car chase after breaching 2 security checkpoints. It all went down Friday morning in Palm Beach, when a black SUV heading toward the main entrance breached both checkpoints, leading Florida Highway Patrol on a […]

Lawyers Request President Trump’s DNA In Rape Case!!

Attorney’s of a President Trump rape accuser are going after trying to get their hands on his DNA after claiming that it may still be on the dress his alleged victim wore on the night in question. Advice columnist E. Jean Carroll’s lawyers served notice to a Trump attorney just yesterday for Trump to submit […]

LeVar Burton Says America’s Always Been Racist But Trump’s Amplified It

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com LeVar Burton is shooting down the theory that America’s more racist now than ever before … saying the difference now is President Trump‘s emboldened racists to come out of the woodwork. We got the iconic “Reading Rainbow” host out Thursday at LAX and just had to know if he thinks […]

Trump’s Iran Conflict Has Americans Shopping for Bunkers

The United States conflict with Iran has had Americans freaked the f**k out lately — and, accordingly, they’ve been looking far and wide to burrow themselves underground. TMZ spoke with some of the best bunker retailers in the biz, and wouldn’t you know it … they say their sales and window shoppers have gone through […]

Patricia Arquette Talks Trump’s Iran Threats and Australia Fire at Golden Globes

Patricia Arquette used her platform at Sunday night’s Golden Globes to make a statement about two very topical affairs: President Donald Trump’s threats on Iran and the massive wildfires taking over Australia. After Jason Momoa and step-daughter Zoe Kravitz presented her with the award for Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Limited Series or TV […]

Cardi B Applies For Nigerian Citizenship – After Trump’s War On Iran!!

Cardi B told the Gram yesterday that she’s planning on leaving the United States, and moving to Nigeria. She made the shocking revelation to fans after she learned that US President President Donald Trump attacked Iran. The 27-year-old rapper also went on Twitter yesterday to share her thoughts on Trump and the US military assassinating […]

‘RHOC’ Star Kelly Dodd Doesn’t Understand Hate Over Photo With Trumps

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Kelly Dodd is unsure why folks on the Internet are so triggered by her photo with Donald Trump‘s sons … saying all Americans need to embrace people with different views. The ‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ star joined us on “TMZ Live” Thursday, defending her decision to snap a photo […]

President Trump’s Cameo in ‘Home Alone 2’ Cut Out by Canada TV

TMZ.com President Trump has been 86’d from ‘Home Alone 2’ by Canadian TV … but the reason the network is giving for the omission is … well, sketchy. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation removed Trump’s cameo in the classic Christmas movie. The CBC claims it cut out the 10-second cameo in order to make room for […]

Andrew Yang Rips Trump’s Response to Russia, Hints at Potential Running Mate

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Andrew Yang‘s done his research, and knows there’s no way to completely stop foreign interference in elections, but says there’s still a right way to respond … and President Trump ain’t cutting it. In the wake of a strong showing in the latest Democratic Presidential debate … Yang joined us […]