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Bill Pullman Reacts to Donald Trump’s Deepfake Video of Himself as Independence Day President

Pullman portrayed the president in the classic 1996 film with many citing his dramatic global speech as one of the most inspirational leadership moments in cinema. While we may never know the true motives why President Trump decided that he should insert himself into a fictional moment of inspiring leadership amid a genuine global crisis, […]

Michael Jordan Signed $15k Check To Donald Trump’s Casino Up For Auction

Exclusive Michael Jordan‘s personal check — signed by His Airness — made out to Donald Trump‘s Indiana casino during the ’97-’98 NBA season … just hit the auction block. The one-of-a-kind check is dated “Feb. 16, 1998” … and is made out to “TRUMP INDIANA, INC.” — Trump’s now-closed riverboat casino in Gary, Indiana — […]

President Trump’s Valet Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Breaking News President Trump‘s personal valet has tested positive for coronavirus, and even though he has tested negative, doctors tell TMZ that doesn’t mean he’s virus-free, and if he does have it he could have exposed many others. The valet — a member of the US Navy dedicated to working at the White House — […]

TikTok User Hilariously Recreates Trump’s Disinfectant Presser

President Trump‘s now-infamous press conference in which he “sarcastically” suggested people start downing bleach and other disinfectants to kill the coronavirus has gone viral in the best way … and one TikTok user has the performance down to a tee. A user who goes by @whatchugotforme on the video app posted her own version of […]

Deepak Chopra Urges Kindness Toward ‘Trumps of the World,’ Gives Biden Advice

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Deepak Chopra‘s urging everyone to be kind now — even to your adversaries — assuming we all, like Deepak, want the best possible post-pandemic outcome. The mindfulness expert and holistic health guru specifically calls out people blasting the President, and other “Trumps of the world,” because he believes you can’t […]

Trump’s Retweet Suggests He’s Considering Firing Fauci Amid Coronavirus Flak

President Trump hit the retweet button on a call to fire Dr. Anthony Fauci — which seems to indicate a growing rift between Trump and his pandemic right-hand man. Trump’s promotion of a #FireFauci tweet comes in response to the infectious disease expert’s CNN interview Sunday … where he said the U.S might have prevented […]

NYC Church Leaders Say Doors Will Remain Closed on Easter Despite Trump’s Push

Exclusive Churches in New York are steadfast in keeping their doors closed amid the coronavirus pandemic to continue slowing the spread … despite President Trump‘s plan for an Easter revival. TMZ has spoken with 9 NYC church leaders, and all of them are standing firm in vowing to keep their places of worship empty on […]

Debra Messing Says MAGA Supporters ‘Will Die’ From Trump’s Coronavirus ‘Inaction’

Debra Messing questioned if Donald Trump supporters would continue to follow the President in the face of a fatal pandemic after he initially appeared to downplay the threat. The “Will & Grace” star took to Twitter on Tuesday to share audio clips of POTUS’s response to the coronavirus alongside a graph showing the number of […]

Trump’s Econ Guy Larry Kudlow Has Spending Tips for $1000 Check

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com President Trump‘s considering giving Americans up to $1,000 to help people suddenly out of work due to the coronavirus, and his main man on economics has a tip on where to spend it. We got Larry Kudlow Tuesday on Capitol Hill shortly after the announcement of those checks — part […]

President Trump’s Sister Elizabeth Sued for Water Damage in NYC Condo

Exclusive Getty/trumppalace.com Composite One of President Trump‘s older sisters sprung a leak in her fancy NYC condo, which messed up her neighbor’s place to the tune of nearly $400k … according a new lawsuit filed against her. Elizabeth Trump Grau has a pad in NYC’s Trump Palace, and back in March of 2017 there was […]