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Sarah Sanders Seems Glad She’s Not Trump’s Mouthpiece Amid Impeachment

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Sarah Huckabee Sanders doesn’t seem to regret leaving Trump‘s White House one iota — because she looks as calm and relaxed as we’ve seen her since stepping into DT’s orbit. We got the former Press Secretary Saturday at the Reagan Airport in D.C. for a quick catch-up on her life […]

President Trump’s Twitter Rants Show Narcissism and Lack of Impulse Control

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com President Trump‘s a child with extreme narcissistic tendencies … so says “Couples Therapy” star Dr. Jenn Mann, who helped us psychoanalyze 45 … in an attempt to figure out what’s behind his brutalization of people on Twitter. We got the good doc Thursday in L.A. and the TV/radio shrink has […]

Trump’s Campaign Team Turn Him Into Thanos Against Dems, Creator Pissed

TMZ/Alamy President Trump’s reelection campaign apparently likes to think of their boss as an equal to the destroyer of worlds, the villainous Thanos … but the ‘Avengers’ character’s creator is NOT having it. A Twitter account managed by Trump’s reelection team posted a super-produced clip in which DT’s head is superimposed over Thanos’ body from […]

Trump’s Lighting Ceremony Requires New $164k Christmas Tree

Play video content Exclusive Getty/Fox 5 DC O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree …How much you [email protected]#%ing cost us!!! When President Trump lights up the National Christmas Tree this week, it’s not the decorations that should mesmerize you — it’s the six-figures YOU spent to replace last year’s tree!!! The National Park Service planted the […]

President Trump’s Medal For ISIS-Killing Dog Conan Made by Special Ops

Exclusive TMZ.com President Trump couldn’t give Conan, the ISIS-killing dog, a real Medal of Honor … so U.S. Special Forces just cooked up a new award so DT could present it to the four-legged hero. We’ve learned U.S. Special Operations fashioned a one-of-a-kind medal for Conan — the Belgian Malinois canine credited with helping off […]

CA Gov. Gavin Newsom Punches Back at Trump’s Threat to Cut Fire Aid

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com California Governor Gavin Newsom says President Trump isn’t going to bully the Golden State into doing what he wants — even with threats that could put thousands of lives at risk. The Gov. was on “TMZ Live” Tuesday with a fierce response to POTUS tweeting he might cut federal funding […]

Pete Buttigieg Compares His Dark Horse Campaign with Trump’s in 2015

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Pete Buttigieg says while his odds to the win the White House might be similar to Donald Trump‘s a year out from election day … he’s going about getting there with a full 180. The South Bend Mayor spoke to us Wednesday on “TMZ Live” after news broke that he’s […]

Donald Trump’s Hollywood Star Vandalized with Graffiti

Exclusive TMZ.com President Trump‘s walk of fame star has fallen under attack from yet another angry American … and we got the whole thing on video. Check out our clip … you can see the suspect casually approach the Hollywood Blvd star around 9:30 Tuesday morning — reach into her bag — pull out what […]

They’re Selling Melania Trump’s ‘Used’ Underwear On Ebay!!


The First Lady of the United States Melania Trump is going viral this morning. A person is selling what he claims is Melania’s “used” bra on Ebay. According to the Ebay seller, who goes by the name pbzsolu52, “seller works on the cleaning staff of a luxury hotel.” The seller continued explaining how he obtained […]

Piers Morgan Calls Trump’s ‘Lynching’ Tweet a Fake Scandal, Slams Biden

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Piers Morgan says President Trump‘s use of “lynching” is lazy and ignorant, but Joe Biden‘s guilty of it too … so all the outrage is a bunch of rubbish. We got the British TV host leaving Staples Center Tuesday night and asked about Trump’s “lynching” tweet to describe his potential […]