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President Trump’s Nickelback ‘Photograph’ Spoof Tweet Removed

TMZ.com Donald Trump‘s video aimed at taking down Joe Biden by using a meme inspired by a Nickelback song has been taken down … seemingly because the band made a copyright infringement claim. In case you missed it, in the midst of the President’s Twitter rampage Wednesday, he posted a video of Biden claiming he’s […]

AOC Says Impeaching Trump’s an Open-and-Shut Case, Giuliani Disagrees

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez believes the case for impeaching Donald Trump has been mounting for awhile, but with the latest developments … kicking his ass out of office is a no-brainer. The Congresswoman was out on Capitol Hill Tuesday after word got out that Nancy Pelosi launched a formal impeachment inquiry of […]

Trump’s Director of Immigration Suggests Changing Statue of Liberty Slogan

Play video content NPR President Trump‘s administration thinks it’d be a good idea to tweak this country’s motto on incoming immigrants to something more specific … self-sufficiency or GTFO. That’s not a stretch from what a prominent member of DT’s cabinet said on NPR Tuesday when asked about his boss’ new policy change for immigrants […]

ESPN Won’t Hide Trump’s Kids During Saturday’s UFC Fight

Exclusive TMZ Donald Trump‘s sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, will be front and center at Saturday’s big UFC fight, and ESPN will show their mugs on TV … but there are a few strings attached. Sources connected to the Disney-owned network tell TMZ … there has been no pressure to keep them off camera to […]

Lil Yachty Says Trump’s Pandering to Black People with A$AP Rocky

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com President Trump does not care about black people and he’s just using A$AP Rocky to score points in the African-American community … so says Lil Yachty. Yachty was at LAX Friday and had harsh words for the Prez, saying if Trump were really serious he’d get on Air Force One, […]

Pete Buttigieg Says Trump’s Support for A$AP Rocky is good, BUT …

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Pete Buttigieg is happy Donald Trump is trying to free A$AP Rocky from a Swedish jail, but he couldn’t be clearer — that doesn’t cancel out the damage the Prez has done to the African-American community. Mayor Pete stopped by TMZ for an appearance on Friday’s “TMZ Live” … and […]

A$AP Rocky’s Congressman Welcomes Trump’s Help in Freeing Him From Sweden

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com A$AP Rocky‘s hometown congressman isn’t sure if President Trump is genuine in wanting to help free him — but he says it doesn’t matter … as long as the end goal is achieved. We got Rep. Adriano Espaillat in NYC Sunday — where he represents A$AP’s home borough of Harlem […]

Cardi B Defends Ilhan Oman After Trump’s β€˜Send Her Back’ Rally Chants – Hollywood Life

Cardi B

U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar has Cardi B’s support after Trump rally-goers chanted β€˜send her back.’ She brought up an amazing lyric from Beyonce’s β€˜Formation’ to let Omar know to stay strong. Cardi B was just as disgusted as most Americans when a crowd at a Donald Trump rally in N.C. started chanting β€œSend her back” […]

Kellyanne Conway Says President Trump’s Sick of America Coming Last

Play video content AP Kellyanne Conway is taking President Trump‘s feud with the Democratic Congresswomen to a whole new level … angrily barking at reporters that POTUS is sick of the America we live in today. Trump’s aide was talking to reporters Tuesday in D.C. about the President’s insistence that his tweets demanding Congresswomen, like […]

Rep. Ilhan Omar Says Trump’s Racist Tweets a New Low for U.S.

Play video content SplashNews.com Congresswoman Ilhan Omar says President Trump‘s xenophobic tweets are disturbing, because while she’s heard those very words before — they’ve never come from the White House. The U.S. Rep from Minnesota is not holding her tongue in responding to Trump — telling a photog Monday in Washington, D.C. … she’s been […]