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‘Power’ Star Larenz Tate All for Obama Ave. in Front of Trump Tower

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com What seemed like a major troll job on President Trump is now picking up steam, which is why Larenz Tate says if NYers want Trump Tower to face President Obama Ave. … then make it so. The veteran actor, who’s now playing an NYC Councilman on “Power,” was outside Facebook […]

Mayor Pete Buttigieg Says Even Trump Shouldn’t Be Fat Shamed

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Mayor Pete Buttigieg says no one deserves to be fat shamed … even our fast food-loving Prez. We got the Democratic Presidential candidate at the Young Leaders Conference in Atlanta and asked him to weigh in on Trump’s blatant fat shaming at his New Hampshire rally — and you gotta […]

President Trump Fat Shames One of His Supporters

Play video content C-SPAN Live from the Glass House, it’s President Trump blatantly fat shaming an American citizen … one who supports him, btw. Yeah, that happened Thursday night during 45’s rally in New Hampshire … where there were a number of protesters tossed from the event. Trump decided to take a cheap shot at […]

John Daly Says President Trump Doesn’t Cheat At Golf, But Bill Clinton Did

Play video content TMZSports.com President Trump does NOT cheat on the golf course … so says golf legend John Daly, who golfed with POTUS this week. Trump’s honesty on the golf course has been called into question many, many times in the past … with former golf partners like Samuel L. Jackson and Oscar De […]

President Trump Praises John Daly After Golf Outing, ‘A Special Guy’

Breaking News President Trump hit the links with one of his biggest athlete supporters on Monday … golfing with PGA pro John Daly!! … and just by looking at Daly’s patriotic pants, you can tell the dude was stoked to crush some balls with POTUS. The duo met up at Trump National Golf Club in […]

Accused Sex Trafficker Jeffrey Epstein Found Dead in Cell

Accused Sex Trafficker Jeffrey Epstein Found Dead in Cell

Getty Images Epstein with Ghislaine Maxwell Jeffrey Epstein, a wealthy financier who was in federal custody and facing sex-trafficking charges, was found dead in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in NYC Saturday morning. His death by hanging has been reported to be a suicide. Epstein’s body was found around 6:30 a.m. local time, […]

President Trump Rips Colin Kaepernick, Expects More School Shootings

Play video content FOX News President Trump claims he’s cool with Colin Kaepernick getting back into the NFL, but adds it’ll never happen because his nemesis doesn’t have the right stuff to make it in the league. The Prez was outside the White House Friday morning when a reporter asked if Kap should get an […]

Armie Hammer Suggests Boycott of Marvel over Trump Support

TMZ/Getty Marvel is now in the crosshairs of a boycott over support for Donald Trump … at least that’s what Armie Hammer seems to want. Armie just said, “Hey, while everyone seems to be on this Equinox thing, it might be a good time to mention that one of Trump’s largest financial contributors is the […]

Stormy Daniels Picks Trump Impressionist for Her Comedy Tour

Exclusive TMZ Stormy Daniels knows better than most when a man hits the right spot, and comedian Stephen Kramer Glickman nailing President Trump onstage definitely tickled her fancy. So, here’s the deal … Stormy hit up The Ice House comedy club in Pasadena last week to scout comedians who can headline shows she’s been asked […]

President Trump and Other Leaders Are ‘Thugs’ says Deepak Chopra

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com President Trump‘s haters might not wanna hear this, but he’s not special — he’s just ONE member of a group of “thugs” and “gangsters” destroying the world … according to Deepak Chopra. The alternative medicine guru, who’s normally all about peace and love, was pretty fired up about the state […]