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Why Venom is Trending | toofab.com

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse on Earth. The internet is still trying to figure out what the hell this is — and many are convinced it’s Spider-Man’s nemesis Venom. On Thursday, Twitter user @sunnyarkade posted a clip of a seething black mass perched on a rock, which bore an uncanny resemblance […]

Racist Reason Jackie Chan is Trending Today

“Jackie Chan” trended on Twitter on Wednesday after a video of a group of cops being verbally abused as they patrolled began re-circulating online. The one-minute clip, which appears to show a group of men fruitlessly trying to goad the police into a physical altercation, ends with them shouting after an Asian officer “bye Jackie […]

Why Scientology is Trending Amid Coronavirus: Kirstie Alley Praises Trump

Kirstie Alley gushed about President Trump’s response to the coronavirus crisis and social media collectively lost its mind. On Monday night, the former Jenny Craig spokesperson took to Twitter to write, “Dear Mr. President, @realDonaldTrump I wanted to thank you for ur recent decorum, sincerity, & care towards us. You’re taking charge & leading in […]

Oprah Shuts Down Stupid Trending QAnon Claim She Was Arrested

Breaking News TMZ.com Oprah Winfrey got trolled by some idiots pushing a bizarre QAnon conspiracy theory, claiming she was arrested in a global sex trafficking ring, and sadly … she was forced to debunk it herself when her name began trending on Twitter. Welcome to the new normal? Oprah responded to the nonsense after her […]

Zebra Prints Are Officially Trending as Seen on the Streets of #NYFW

Fashion Zebra Prints Are Officially Trending as Seen on the Streets of #NYFW The street style set proves that taking a walk on the side isn’t all that much of a daring feat! by Team Yoyokulala | February 17, 2020 Move along leopard, there’s a new animal on the prowl in the concrete jungle. It’s […]

Why Is #DuaLipaIsOverParty Trending? | toofab.com

A video of Dua Lipa making it rain on a stripper has sparked a debate about feminism. The hashtag #DuaLipaIsOverParty began trending on Twitter Tuesday morning after footage emerged of the English pop star at a strip club with Lizzo following Sunday night’s Grammy Awards. After the ceremony, the “Truth Hurts” star, who opened the […]

Golden Globes Beauty 2020: Bob and Lob Haircuts Are Trending

Scroll To See More Images 2019 was the year it felt like every celebrity chopped inches off their hair. Not even a week into 2020 and we can confirm, that’s not changing anytime soon. The 2020 Golden Globes brought out the bobs and lobs, curly and straight, full and shiny. Some stars made sure their […]

#BoycottHallmarkChannel Trending After Network Pulls Same-Sex Wedding Ad

Hallmark Channel is trending on social media, and not because they’ve filmed 6,000 new holiday movies for their ardent fans to watch. This latest scrutiny comes after the network pulled four ads depicting same-sex weddings. Conservative watchdog group One Million Moms was one of several such groups that targeted the network after it ran a […]

Twitter Claims That Summer Walker Is A WITCH – It’s Trending!!


R&B singer Summer Walker is being called a “witch” on Twitter, and it’s really taking off. Today #SummerIsAWitch was the #1 trending topic in the world for nearly an hour. Summer Walker exploded onto the music scene last year, and her album – which was released in January, has already sold millions of units.Β  But […]

Pinterest Summer Makeup 2019 Products That Are Already Trending

Scroll To See More Images When you have no idea whether to invest in a beauty product or not, an expert-level cosign can make all the difference. For some of us, it’s as simple as a famous makeup artist or celebrity who knows her way around a makeup brush set (I’m looking at you, Rihanna). […]