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Twitter Reacts To Cardi & Megan’s Song WAP: ‘Song Is TRASH’, ‘Video Is GREAT’!


Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B released their long awaited collaboration WAP last night, and the video is getting mixed reviews. Generally, Twitter seems to LOVE the visuals from the WAP video. But it hates the song.  The video starts out with the outside view of a lavish mansion, which includes floral arches, cobblestone pathways, […]

Viewers Of ‘The Chi’ Troll Kandi Burruss Over Trash Sex Scene!!

Viewers of Showtime’s The Chi were eager for Kandi Burruss to make an appearance after seeing her husband, Todd Tucker, flip about her sex scene for the show — but viewers were not happy with Kandi’s performance. This week, Kandi (who plays Roselyn Perry) was seen receiving oral from her onscreen husband, Douda, before he […]

Twitter Trash Saweetie’s New Single ‘Tap In’

Rapper Saweetie dropped the visuals to her new single, “Tap In,” a rework of rap legend Too Short’s 2006 track “Blow the Whistle” — and Twitter was far from impressed. While they were full of praise for the actual visual, followers felt that the rapper needs to up her bar game and come with a […]

Family Stop To Pick Up Trash Bags Discarded On Highway, Finds $1M Inside

A Virginia family who thought they we’re cleaning up the highway became accidental — and temporary — millionaires. David and Emily Schantz were driving through Caroline County on Saturday when their pick-up truck accidentally hit a bag left in the middle of the road. The car in front of them had managed to swerve and […]

Grizzly Bear Gives Trash Can ‘CPR,’ Great Technique

Anyone can do CPR … and so can any creature, apparently, including Grizzly Bears. Check out this big bear who was caught on camera from the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center in Montana, giving “CPR” to a pesky trash can that wouldn’t open for him and let him have at whatever goodies were inside. It […]

Cardi B, Bernie Sanders Trash Talk Donald Trump on Instagram Live

Play video content Cardi B unloaded on President Trump … and Bernie Sanders relished the moment cause he couldn’t stop himself from laughing his ass off. The dynamic duo teamed up Tuesday night for an Instagram Live interview that was as bizarre as it was strategic. But, mostly, it was a vehicle for Cardi to […]

Chris Cuomo Says He’s Sick of CNN Gig, Wants Freedom to Take on Trash Talkers

Play video content Sirius XM Chris Cuomo might be going a little stir-crazier than the average person … based on his epic rant against CNN and President Trump, and says he’s over the BS that comes with his job. The CNN anchor — who’s battling COVID-19 — was on his SiriusXM radio show Monday, and […]

Jimmy Fallon’s Daughters Are His Toughest Critics, Trash Latest Monologue

As late-night transitions into its new (temporary) normal amid self-isolation protocols put in place as a result of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the new breakout stars of “The Tonight Show” have quickly become Jimmy Fallon’s two young daughters, Winnie (6) and Franny (5). For Thursday’s show, Jimmy performed his monologue from what looked like […]

Nurses in England Wearing Trash Bags to Protect from Coronavirus

Here’s how desperate it’s getting … medical professionals in England are so strapped for supplies, nurses are now wearing trash bags to protect themselves from the coronavirus. The pic was snapped at Northwick Park Hospital in London. The hospital declared an emergency Thursday after it was filled to capacity in the critical care unit. One […]

British Journalist Slammed For Calling Meghan Markle ‘5 Clicks Away From Trailer Trash!!’

A British journalist is catching heat after he referred to Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, as being “5 Clicks Away From Trailer Trash.” “I think what has really, really upset the British public is that Meghan Markle, who many people consider as only, you know, five clicks up from trailer trash, has actually tried […]