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These Tote Bags Will Follow You Everywhere This Summer

Fashion These Tote Bags Will Follow You Everywhere This Summer From the supermarket to the beach and anywhere in between, roomy totes are the functional carryalls that will never fail you. by Team Yoyokulala | May 19, 2020 This summer is unlike any other that we’ve lived through before. The sun the sand and the […]

This J.Crew Tote Bag Is a Spring 2020 Must-Have—and Under $200

Scroll To See More Images Although it feels far away, the arrival of spring (and the clothes and accessories that come along with it), gets closer each and every day. With that arrival, I’m going to need to make some major room in my closet for all the new goodies brands are releasing. At the […]


THROWBACK //  Polka dots in Paris! Due to new projects and other commitments, I haven’t been traveling as much this year. It’s been a nice break but I have been dreaming of a European vacation! Question: I am looking for a great travel tote do you have recommendations? Answer: I have been using the classic Cuyana tote […]

How to Get Meghan Markle’s Adorable Monogrammed Tote for Under $200

Scroll To See More Images As someone who grew up avidly watching The Princess Diaries movies, I’ve always had an affinity for everything royal. Although I knew it was a (major) long shot, I used to imagine myself falling in love with Prince Harry (back in his wild child days) and becoming a member of the […]

KARA’s Cute AF Mini Puffer Tote Is a Must-See

Scroll To See More Images Spring is in full swing, y’all, and all our puffer coats are headed back to storage (i.e. the back of the closet) for the warm seasons. If you’ve grown fond of snuggling up in a marshmallow, though, don’t fret. Try KARA’s puffer bag this spring. Yeah, you read that correctly. […]

Our Favorite Tote Bags for Spring

Adulting is hard and, no matter how long you’ve been doing it, one thing is certain: There’s so much stuff that comes along with it. When you’re trying to be successful and responsible, you’re constantly running from one place to the next. Maybe you’re going from an early morning gym session to the office and […]